Friday, July 17, 2009

SSA Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds

Shemar Moore's current role is on the hit CBS series, "Criminal Minds." He plays FBI Agent Derek Morgan. Derek is thirty-six years old and single. He is an ex-Marine and former Chicago cop. He is an expert in obsessional crimes and has had bomb squad experience. He attended college on an athletic scholarship and earned a law degree from Northwestern University. He was offered the position of Head of the FBI Field Office in New York City, which he turned down.

Derek witnessed his father's murder when he was just ten years old. Troubled as a teenager, he got involved with gangs. As a result, he had a juvenile record. He was mentored by the well-respected coordinator of a local youth center, who helped to get his record expunged. His mentor got young Morgan involved in sports and helped him to turn his life around. Unfortunately, the man also sexually abused him, leaving scars he still struggles with. It is for this reason Morgan seems to be especially affected by crimes involving children.

Morgan's past was explored in the Season 2 episode, entitled "Profiler, Profiler," which is a favorite of Shemar fans. Shemar gave a stunning performance in the episode which forced Morgan to confront his past and his abuser. It was also shown in that episode that Morgan is bi-racial and has two older sisters, Sarah and Desiree.

"Criminal Minds" has just begun work on Season 5.



  1. Morgan was never a Marine. Rossi was. Just helping. (:

  2. In MAYHEM, when he spoke to the cop who wouldn't let him go to help Hotch, he used a Marine quote that implied the Morgan may have been a Marine. However, at the age he is supposed to be and all that is already on his resume, I don't see how he had time. You are probably right. Don't see how Morgan could have been.