Saturday, May 15, 2010

SHEMAR MOORE on Twitter ?

Looks like SHEMAR MOORE may have given in to the the pressure from fans and his co-workers to join TWITTER. The "Criminal Minds" star was the lone holdout, but may have signed on a couple of days ago. We expected it was coming when Matthew Gray Gubler tweeted that "an insomniac pal, who's name rhymes with Flermar Schmore" texted him to say he was getting an account. Then, A.J. Cook confirmed that SHEMAR was going to be joining. While not yet verified, you can check it out at Looks promising?

CRIMINAL MINDS airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on the CBS Television Network. Series stars SHEMAR MOORE, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, A.J.Cook and Kirsten Vangsness.


  1. Hello. Matthew gave an interview on May 21 to TVGUIDE. AND in this interview he stated, "....Moore is the sole cast member who is not yet signed up, but that will change soon.

    "I was on, Joe [Mantegna] was on and Kirsten [Vangsness] was on. That was around the time all the other losers got on. We're moments away from being all onboard, which I'm proud to take a tiny bit of credit for. ... [Moore] texted me pretty late last week: 'I'm going to Brazil, but when I get back, I'm signing up for Twitter!'" Gubler says." And that twitter account came wayyyy before, and it looks so fake. It can be someone who knows Shemar and is pretending to be him. There are sooo many red-flags with that account.

  2. That is why we put it up with a question mark and asked you to check it out. We wondered what people were thinking about it.

    Regardless, Shemar is on vacation in Brazil until next week. We will see what happens when he gets back. He'll either verify, or open another account.

  3. I'm such a huge Shemar Moore fan. I've been following his work for 14 years now. Would love to meet him....he has such an awesome personality. Any chance there's a contest to enter? So that I could possibly win a dinner date?,LOL. (Seriously)

    Love, R.N.I

  4. Olá.
    Eu gostava de saber a morada dele.
    É possível?

  5. Shemar vidas em Encino, Califórnia, um subúrbio de Los Angeles, mas não podemos dar o seu endereço. Ele não recebe e-mail em Quixote Studio, onde Criminal Minds é filmado.

    Translation: Shemar lives in Encino, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. We cannot give out his address but he does receive mail at Quixote Studios, where Criminal Minds is filmed. ~Dee

  6. I love u shamar moore ur so sexy it hurts! i admire u as an actor love & prayers always! fan4ever melodyschultz56.

  7. Shamar moore i can remember when u played malcom on y&r yrs.ago! Well u r still a hottie on criminal minds! i support your career & take care sincerly ' jkaroakegirl / allison roderque.

  8. Does anyone know when Shemar will do a quest apperance any where? please help???

    1. We always post the upcoming events that we are aware of here and on our sister site, We also tweet about them. At the moment, we are not aware of any upcoming Shemar events at the present time.

  9. Just happen to randomly check for a fan site to contact Shemar after talking him over with my neighbor, glad to see he decided to create this page. We think you are a great actor and enjoy you on the show. Also your friend and your fan Mary from Detroit needs you to contact her.In case you don't remember I don't know what hints to give to strike a memorable thought.