Sunday, July 18, 2010

LOVING MOORE ~ We've Never Met A Mormon We Didn't Like ~ CRIMINAL MINDS' A.J. Cook

Beautiful A.J. COOK, who stars on TV's CRIMINAL MINDS (although not for much longer) is reportedly a devout Mormon. Word is that A.J., short for Andrea Joy, will only accept roles that don't go against her faith.

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are a family-oriented, patriotic group. There seems to be something special that emanates from Mormons. It might be described as a joy, or peace, that flows from them, and on the whole, Mormons seem to be good, decent people. While we don't subscribe to all of their beliefs, LOVING MOORE certainly respects their values.

We don't know A.J. Cook personally, but she seems to have that special quality that comes from faith.

A.J.'s patriotism was reflected in her stellar reading at the 2010 National Memorial Day Concert. She portrayed the widow of a soldier killed in Iraq. Her moving performance is the video clip posted below:

A.J. was born in Ontario, Canada, and was once a competitive dancer. She has been married for nearly nine years to Nathan Anderson, whom she met at a film class at UVSC. They have one son, Mekhai, who will turn two in September. Her real-life pregnancy was played out in her storyline on CRIMINAL MINDS, when Agent Jennifer Jareau became pregnant by New Orleans Detective Will LaMontegne (Josh Stewart). They made a cute couple, and we were hoping to see more of the characters on the series. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The hierarchy at CBS decided not to renew A.J.'s contract for Season Six.

A.J. could have told CBS where to stick their two episode kiss-off, but she was professional when she showed up to begin filming last week.
Joe Mantegna, CRIMINAL MINDS star, and all-around good guy himself, tweeted that A.J. conducted herself with class when she returned to work for her final days on the series. We didn't expect anything less from this special lady.

LOVING MOORE feels that the decision not to keep her on CRIMINAL MINDS was a mistake. She has a devoted fan base, and there was so much more that could have been done with her character, but it was not to be.

A.J. is celebrating a birthday on Thursday, July 22, when she'll turn thirty-two years old. LOVING MOORE wishes her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and best wishes in all of her future endeavors. We know that with her talent, new doors will be opening for her.


  1. I love AJ Cook, but doesn't playing an unwed mother go against her faith?

  2. It could be that contractually she was obligated. Perhaps that's why she left: maybe CBS wanted to continue that storyline and she had issues with it. Idk, but maybe....