Friday, October 8, 2010

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Like Enjoying A Fine Wine

What a pleasure it was on Wednesday, October 6, watching the CRIMINAL MINDS episode, "Remembrance of Things Past!" Seeing two seasoned actors, Joe Mantegna and Daniel J. Travanti at the top of their game was like enjoying a glass of fine, aged wine.

Mantagna underplays his role, which makes him natural and realistic as SSA David Rossi. It is refreshing watching his subtle portrayal, after the Mandy Patinkin years. As SSA Jason Gideon, Patinkin made saying "hello" an intensely dramatic moment.

One thing that CRIMINAL MINDS does well, is cast against type. After his years as Capt. Frank Furillo on "Hill Street Blues," it was shocking to see Daniel J. Travanti in the role of a serial killer suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Even more surprising was how chilling the former hero was in the role.

This episode was Mantegna's as he worked on solving a twenty-six year old case linked to recent killings. Investigation led him to a father/son killing team headed by Travanti, an unsub he profiled years earlier but never captured. The scenes with the two veteran actors were a treat to watch.

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