Monday, March 14, 2011

Criminal Minds ~ Paget Brewster's New Co-Star?

Paget as Emily Prentiss with co-star, SHEMAR MOORE (Derek Morgan)
New TV husband, Jon Dore?

We have loved Paget Brewster for the past few seasons on "Criminal Minds," as SSA Emily Prentiss. She has been a heroic female role model with a kind heart on the series, and she's had amazing chemistry with the rest of the actors.

When Morgan entered a crime scene, it was often Prentiss who was behind him. And, while the Morgan/Garcia shippers were delighting in their banter, it might have been overlooked how great the scenes with Prentiss and Morgan were.

As good as Paget was with all of the actors on the series, she and SHEMAR MOORE were exceptional. Here are two examples of great Morgan/Prentiss moments:

Now our Emily/Paget will be teamed with a new man. Canadian comedian, Jon Dore will play her TV husband in a pilot being developed for NBC. "My Life As An Experiment" will star Dore as a journalist who submits to a range of lifestyle experiments, from crashing the Oscars to radical honesty. Brewster will play his no-nonsense wife.

We at Loving Moore wish Paget well in her new endeavor, but we will morn for our Emily, and the wonderful Morgan/Prentiss moments.

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