Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Star Shemar Moore on Access Hollywood

"Criminal Minds" star SHEMAR MOORE talks to
Access Hollywood Live. He had this to say about his
character, Derek Morgan, and romance.

Shemar Moore plays Derek Morgan, an FBI agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Moore talked about his tough-guy character and how the show's writers incorporate real-life crimes into its scripts. He also explained to Kit Hoover why viewers shouldn't expect to see Morgan involved in a love story anytime soon. Moore said he enjoys playing Morgan because of all the "bad-ass" stuff he gets to do. "Derek Morgan's looking for the fight," Moore said. "He's a guy who kicks down doors, is the first one in a burning building and the last one to leave. He doesn't like when the little guy gets picked on." That tough-guy stuff is all well and good, but 'Access' host Kit Hoover would like to see Morgan add a little love to his life. Moore cautioned that she shouldn't hold her breathe waiting for Morgan to get a romantic plotline. There's a true-to-life reason for that, though. "To chase down a serial criminal, you have 72 hours. So basically, there ain't no time for hanky-panky. Ain't nobody between the sheets. Doesn't look like we're going to see too many love scenes from Derek Morgan on 'Criminal Minds.'"

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