Saturday, September 8, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/8

Today featuring more of SHEMAR MOORE'S 
exceptional body parts, continuing with... 

~ The Feet ~ 

SHEMAR recently tweeted this photo,
and refers to this as his "Spiderman Pose."

It gives us a clear view
of his very shapely left foot and toes.

The Spiderman Pose hangs in the
workout room of SHEMAR'S Encino home.

Here we see SHEMAR stretching his feet
and legs before he begins riding his
bicycle. He is currently training for
 his annual 100 mile Bike MS Event
coming on October 6.

SHEMAR sunning his feet, along with the rest of
his fine self, during one of his Miami Beach vacations.

An early modeling photo of SHEMAR,
showing his feet and many more
of  his exceptionally nice parts.

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a website for serious SHEMAR MOORE  fans.
Must be 18, as we are a little bit naughty,
(but, of course, we are always nice).


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  1. mmmm I want to smell, massage and lick his feet.