Saturday, March 2, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 3/3


Morgan/Reid ???

When you put two TV characters together 
romantically in fiction or in artwork
it is called "shipping."

At LOVING MOORE we have members who
think that CRIMINAL MINDS' Derek Morgan 
and Emily Prentiss are perfect together. 

Then there are the fans who are sure that Derek
and Penelope Garcia are soulmates.

There are even fans who think that Morgan and
Reid make a great couple. 

SHEMAR and MatthewGray Gubler have
jokingly played their relationship
up at times, as in the bottom photo. 

Our workaholic Morgan needs someone in his 
life. Who is your favorite ship?

Top picture by AbbyGibbs. Second pic was 
created by Sabkay, both LOVING  MOORE 

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