Thursday, June 26, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Contact The Powers That Be

CM Producer, Harry Bring (left), tweeted this photo of some of the 
folks who bring "Criminal Minds" to us.  It was their first meeting of the 
new season. 

The writers are working on scripts now. This is the time to contact
them about stories you'd like to see in Season 10.

We would like this to be a memorable season for SHEMAR fans.
We need some good Morgan centric episodes and a decent
story line for him. We don't want him simply standing
around killing time.

Here is a list of the people to contact. These are the CM
writers. They make it happen. Please tweet them your ideas.

Official Set Account @CM_SetReport

Janine Sherman Barrois @Jsbarrois

Kim Harrison @iKimHarrison

Virgil Williams @VirgilWilliams

Sharon Lee Watson @sleewatson

Rick Dunkle @rickdunkle

Jim Clemente @JimClemente

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