Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jim Clemente ~ A Novel From One of the Criminal Minds Family

Jim Clemente, who's name is well-know to hardcore CRIMINAL MINDS
fans, has written his first novel, "Without Consent." 

Jim is known to us as the real life FBI Profiler who serves as Technical 
Advisor for the series. Additionally, he has penned some superb scripts
for the show. Among them, "Lessons Learned," "Gabby,"
and "Risky Business."

He has also authored some of the best Derek Morgan episodes.
"Restoration," "Foundation" and "The Big Sea,"  
gave our Shemar Moore the opportunity to shine.

Since LovingMooreAndMore is a Shemar website, Jim is beloved  
at our house. When he's not working on his second novel, hopefully,
he's writing a couple of good Derek Morgan scripts for Season 10. 

Over at, you can read a smidgen of the first chapter of
"Without Consent." It's gives enough to capture the flavor of the
book and the taste will leave you hungry for more. Two of the 

LovingMooreAndMore site Moderators are currently 
reading the book. All of the Amazon reviews are 5 Star
and we Mods expect to be adding two more.

You can purchase the book on Kindle for a very affordable $9.99.
For folks who prefer the feel of real book in their hands, it is
available in paperback for $17.75. Here is the link to Amazon: ~ Without Consent ~ Jim Clemente

To learn more about Mr. Clemente, visit his IMDb page.

Jim Clemente ~ IMDb

Follow him on Twitter ~


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