Sunday, February 15, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Moore Valentine Happiness

(Original artwork by LovingMoore Moderator, Sabkay @sabkay71)

Hope every SHEMAR MOORE fan and Baby Girl had a day filled
with love yesterday. Hopefully, you're enjoying a long   

Valentine weekend 

SHEMAR sent out a greeting to all of us fans and Baby Girls,  
and he did it shirtless. Baby Boy, you're such a tease. 

(photo from Shemar's Instagram)

We've just got to clone this man!

Enjoy this dose of SHEMAR MOORE because his alter ego,
SSA Derek Morgan, is not to be seen until March 4 when
"Criminal Minds" returns with a new episode. It's called
"Lockdown" and was directed by SHEMAR's co-star
Thomas Gibson. Seems so far away.  

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