Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Fans Breathe a Sigh of Relief

CRIMINAL MINDS is back in production and SHEMAR/Morgan fans can breathe
a collective sigh of relief. This year was a contract year for several of the stars on
the series, and we were all nervous about the fate of our favorite FBI profilers.

With the completion of his movie, THE BOUNCE BACK, we know that
 SHEMAR is itching to expand and try new things. Yes, we'e selfish, but
SHEMAR has done such a stellar job of portraying our flawed but
beautiful hero, that we find it hard to let go.

Well, he's back and we will have 22 more episodes to enjoy watching
our beloved crime fighter at work. That, however, brings another worry.
Many SHEMAR MOORE fans tune in mostly to see SHEMAR. We felt
cheated in Season 10. There were only a handful of episodes that gave
us good Morgan moments. And to add insult to injury, in several
episodes, Derek Morgan disappeared 20 minutes into the story!!

To Executive Producer, Erica Messer, the CM writing staff, and
to CBS, we're putting you on notice. We want our fair share
of Derek Morgan!!! 

We don't want to have to show up at
CBS with torches and pitchforks to protest.

CM returns with all new episodes on CBS on September 30,
and so does our esteemed Derek Morgan.

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