Monday, December 20, 2010

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Morgan's Episode and Team Secrets

The CRIMINAL MINDS episode, "25 to Life" aired on Wednesday, December 15. While Derek Morgan fans were speculating that the "secret" that was hinted at for each BAU Team member this season would be revealed for our hero, it was not. Half way through Season 6, we are still waiting for the secrets. Shucks!

All we have learned so far is that computer whiz, Penelope Garcia, is a closet thespian. It came to light in "Reflection of Desire" that Garcia, just like her real life persona, Kirsten Vangsness, performs in live theater.

Reid's secret (Matthew Gray Gubler) looks like it is going to be the topic of the next new CRIMINAL MINDS episode, "Corazon," scheduled for January 12. It has something to do with headaches and hallucinations, or something. The Gube's Girls will surely be in their glory, as their dude suffers some new adversity.

Over on the LOVING MOORE AND MORE...Message Board, we have been speculating that Rossi's (Joe Mantegna) secret would likely be a past romantic relationship with the Section Chief everyone loves to hate, Erin Strauss (Jayne Atkinson). Could anything less cause two characters to have so much disdain for each other? Oh, it is going to be delicious if that is what Rossi's secret turns out to be.

We are still in the dark about our Derek Morgan, however. Rest assured that Morgan's Baby Girls are going to be extremely upset if his secret in any way diminished his hero status. As far as we are concerned, he's THE MAN.

One thing that isn't a secret is that SHEMAR MOORE is a fine actor, who proved that he can carry an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS. In an episode without Thomas Gibson and light on Matthew Gray Gubler, SHEMAR, who once aspired to be a professional baseball player, knocked it out of the ballpark.

Way to go, SHEMAR!

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