Wednesday, December 22, 2010

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Alternatives to Tonight's Lousy Episode

With the holidays upon us, CBS is showing reruns of CRIMINAL MINDS until Wednesday, January 12, 2011, when the series returns with an episode entitled "Corazon."

Tonight (December 22) is a repeat of "The Fight," which was the pilot for the upcoming MINDS spin-off, "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior."

Most of us at LOVING MOORE were disappointed in the episode, as well as being disgruntled at the whole idea of a spin-off.

Also, we felt that we were cheated out of screen time with our regular cast members so that the cast of the new series could be featured.

LOVING MOORE is a SHEMAR MOORE centered website. So, we were naturally unhappy seeing about four minutes of SHEMAR'S character, Derek Morgan, in the episode and thirty-eight minutes of Forest Whitaker, as somebody named Sam Cooper. Besides, the episode sucked! Poorly written and without chemistry among the spin-off cast, it was an hour we'll never get back in this lifetime.

LOVING MOORE is suggesting that SHEMAR MOORE fans pass on the rerun tonight at 9:00 on CBS, but put on ION television at 10:00 p.m. They are showing "Minimal Loss," which was a vastly superior episode of MINDS.

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  1. Dee! Is the message board down? Haven't been able to get on it for a couple days now!

  2. Problem with the server. The board will be back up within the next 24 hours. Sorry. Any important Shemar news, I will put here on the blog until we get up and running again. ~Dee