Sunday, July 17, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ 65 Days to the Season Premier

A scruffy Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) out in the field,
and not wearing an FBI vest. Hum? What is that about?
Military action?
Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) testifying in court

CRIMINAL MINDS has finished filming the Season Seven Premier episode, "It Takes a Village," scheduled to air on September 21. A few spoiler photos have been tweeted. Morgan's in court, and Hotch seems to be out in the field, involved in a military action. Interesting?

In a photo posted earlier a few days ago,
Morgan and JJ seem to be involved in a shoot out. In the episode that is supposed to bring Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) back to the BAU, we can only speculate as we wait out the next 65 days.

Buzz is the cast and crew will be on location in Santa Clarita today
(July 18). They are beginning work on episode 7.2, "Proof."

To help us through the agonizing wait until the premier,
here's a favorite CRIMINAL MINDS scene.

Morgan (SHEMAR) coaches Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) on how to pick up chicks ~

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