Sunday, July 17, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Matthew Gray Gubler Shares Ghost Story

CRIMINAL MINDS star, Matthew Gray Gubler, shared the story of his haunted apartment building on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" last night. Among the spirits who inhabited his residence was a screen writer who had hanged himself in the closet of Matt's apartment back in the 40's.

Matthew, who recently moved from the eerie building, talked about the amazing sequence of events that led him to this place. Coincidence? Nah, there are no coincidences.

If you missed it, the episode will air again on Saturday, July 30. A must see for any Matthew Gray Gubler fan.

Here is the episode description from the BIO CHANNEL ~
Saturday, July 30 8:00pm ETCelebrity Ghost Stories: 30 - Mindy Cohn, Valerie Harper, Matthew Gray Gubler, Nicole EggertLooking for the perfect sanctuary to finish her book, Mindy Cohn is confronted with anything but solitude at a famous Pasadena apartment building; while at a crossroads in her career, a young Valerie Harper comes face to face with a ghostly debutant who points her in the right direction; Matthew Gray Gubler experiences a haunting in an eccentric Hollywood apartment building with a tragic past; and Nicole Eggert's daughter makes friends with an otherworldly spirit.

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