Thursday, October 20, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Good News and Bad

SHEMAR MOORE in "25 to Life"

The bad news is there will not be a new episode of
CRIMINAL MINDS next week, October 26. The next new
episode will be "Epilogue" on November 2.

The good news is there will be two episodes of

On the 26th CBS will air
"25 to Life" from last season. It is a great Derek Morgan
episode, and our SHEMAR shines.

Morgan believes that a man has been rehabilitated and aids in his
parole, only to have him commit a murder when released.
The BAU must investigate the case to clear Morgan's good name.
Kyle Secor and Jayne Atkinson guest star.

On Saturday, October 29, there will be an encore showing of
"Remembrance of Things Past," a chilling episode with
Daniel J. Travanti as a serial killer with Alzheimer's.
Strong performances by Travanti and Joe Mantegna.

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