Friday, October 7, 2011

Kirsten Vangsness of CRIMINAL MINDS on "The Talk"

Kirsten Vangsenss and partner, Melanie Goldstein

Kirsten Vangsness of CRIMINAL MINDS
will be a guest on "The Talk"
on Monday, October 10 on CBS.

Kirsten portrays computer whiz, Penelope Garcia,
on the series. In addition to her dazzling computer skills,
Garcia gets to flirt with Agent Derek Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE).
What a great job perk!


  1. When you say "partner", does that mean "lover" (which I'm in favor of)? & if so, in real life, or just in a show/movie?

  2. Melanie and Kirsten are real life partners and intend to marry.

  3. GO KIRSTEN GO!!!!!