Monday, August 27, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Loving Moore's New Look

Our websites have a new look! 

LOVING MOORE AND MORE celebrates two years 
in operation this September. To begin our third year of 
providing SHEMAR MOORE fans with SHEMAR and
"Criminal Minds" news, photos and discussion, 
we have a bright new banner. 

It was created by graphic artist/photographer, and 
long-time LOVING MOORE member, 
Monique Goings. 

Mo's original design was done in both red 
and blue versions, using stills from some of 
SHEMAR'S movies. LOVING MOORE members 
were asked to vote on their choice. Although we
loved both versions, the red banner won out. 

We're grateful to Monique for the awesome job she 
did for us.

Her business website is MogoDesigns, and 
she can be found on FaceBookat MogoDesignsFB

1 comment:

  1. Been following the Loving Moore sites for awhile. Showed them to Sham. He got a laugh out of some of the funny things you girls talk about. He was surprised that you ladies know so much about him, but says you're way off about a couple of things. He's hoping fans will get to know him better now that he's online. Thanks for doing such a good job. I know Sham appreciates it.

    nd some of the funny things you talk about. He's says you're way off