Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ "Restoration" ~ The Morgan episode begins filming today

Fans of SHEMAR MOORE/Derek Morgan feel they have
been short-changed so far on CRIMINAL MINDS in 
Season 8. There has been far too little time devoted to our
favorite profiler to satisfy Morgan fans. 

The PTB at MINDS is about to make it up to us, or so they
say. An episode entitled "Restoration" begins filming 
today, and is scheduled to air next month. 

According to Executive Producer, Erica Messer, Morgan 
will be in Chicago dealing with a case that forces him to 
face Carl Buford, the man who molested him as a child.
Many of the actors who appeared in Season 2's "Profiler,
Profiled" will reprise their roles. 

At LOVING MOORE AND MORE, where the most ardent 
of SHEMAR MOORE fans reside, we are waiting anxiously
to see this one. Not all of us are happy with the direction  
the CM writers have taken with SHEMAR's character recently, 
so are waitng anxiously for this one. 

How do you feel about Derek Morgan this season? You can
let us know by joining the conversations on the LOVING MOORE 
Message Board.

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