Monday, January 27, 2014

Keith Tisdell ~ Suppose U Had a Live Chat n Ur Goofy Friend Showed Up?

Actor Keith Tisdell, known most recently for his role as Rodney Harris on "Criminal Minds,"
hosted a live chat for his fans and potential funders of his Indigogo campaign. He is looking
to bring his One Man Show/Documentary to the stage and screen next year and
he needs our support. 

He sat down on Sunday afternoon and began to greet fans and talk about the project.
Clad in a red tee shirt and Baby Girl baseball cap, Keith mentioned that he has borrowed
a friend's house for the chat. Hum? A friend? Baby Girl hat? We all know Keith is one of Shemar Moore's bffs and we wondered. Besides, those green walls in that room
looked awfully familiar.

Keith was charming, friendly, but got down to business, until 8 minutes in.....

...when the home owner showed up.

It was a fun hour. Don't know how much business Keith actually got
accomplished but you can learn more about his upcoming film and lend
your support to it by visiting his Indiegogo page. He's offering some nice
perks in exchange for your help.

If you missed it and just want a laugh, check out the archive.
Yep, the goofy friend even showed off his famous abs.

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