Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shemar Moore & Keith Tisdell ~ Fulfilling Their Dreams

When SHEMAR MOORE came to his fans about a project
he hoped to bring to the screen, we were there for him.
We supported him in spirit and with our pledges. As a result,

fans who shared his dream will be treated to seeing
him starring in "The Bounce Back" movie, which will  
 begin filming this Spring. 

The expected release date is 
February 14, 2015.

Shemar BFF, Keith Tisdell, also has a dream. 

The man's had an interesting life, a roller coaster ride of ups 
and downs, triumph and defeat, joy and heartbreak. 
But when the dust settled, Keith Tisdell was still standing ~
stronger, wiser, and with his sense of humor intact. 

The actor/model/producer/athlete/father/coach/psych major/mentor 
and all around good guy wants to bring his story to stage and film. 

In a tale that promises to entertain, inspire, and make you laugh,
Keith will depict his life's journey in a program entitled 
"Tizthetime: The Relentless Documentary."

"Criminal Minds" viewers will recognize Keith from his recurrent role
as Derek Morgan nemesis, Rodney Harris, and from numerous
other stage and televisions roles. A talented performer, his

program promises to be a memorable event.

Like Shemar, Keith is looking for support from fans in bringing the 
dream to fruition. He previously raised funds to set the wheels in motion 
through an Indiegogo campaign, but putting out a quality production
  is expensive. Keith asks for our help again in a new Indiegogo 
campaign. There are nice perks for donating, 
even for supporters with small budgets. 

Learn more and make a pledge here:

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