Friday, March 14, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 3/14

SHEMAR MOORE fans over at LovingMooreAndMore are having a
good week. Wednesday's episode of "Criminal Minds" was exceptional.
There were Derek Morgan moments that we'll enjoy for years to come,
plus, the episode being a real good story. Kudos to writer Virgil Williams.

We're excited, too, by the announcement that "Criminal Minds" has
officially been renewed by CBS for Season 10. One more year
to love our Agent Morgan.

We're delighted by the progress being made on SHEMAR's film, "The Bounce Back,"
starring our Baby Boy and Nadine Velazquez. He's been tweeting updates and
sharing his own excitement about the movie, expected to premier on

Valentine's Day, 2015. His enthusiasm is infectious and we're as excited as he is. 


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