Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 3/11

SHEMAR has been talking about getting into peak condition for his upcoming
film, "The Bounce Back." The movie begins filming on May 12, shortly after
"Criminal Minds" is finished for the season. Here he is from a photo shoot he
did for Maximum Fitness magazine and our Baby Boy looked pretty darn good.

While we enjoy those super hot photos when the paparazzi find SHEMAR on
spending summers on the beach, it doesn't look like he'll have much time to
spend in the sun this year with all of the work he is doing on the movie.

We're not mad though. If SHEMAR keeps posting pictures of his
workouts and we have "The Bounce Back" to look forward to, we'll
have plenty of goodies to satisfy our SHEMAR MOORE
sweet tooth. The movie, co-starring Nadine Velazquez (Flight)
and Bill Bellamy (The Brothers) is scheduled to be released on
Valentine's Day, 2015.

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