Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ It's Been a Long Time, Derek Morgan

It seems like an eternity since we last saw our "Criminal Minds,"
hero, SSA Derek Morgan. When someone visits your home for so
many Wednesday nights you really miss them during those vacations.

Did you know in the early days of televisions, a season consisted of
39 new episodes and 13 reruns? Can you imagine 39 weeks of  

NEW episodes? Oh, the joy!!!

Alas, times have changed. TV programs are done differently. They're
more expensive to make, and besides, we can't expect our beloved
CM folks to work almost year round. Twenty-four episodes is what 

we get, and that's more than some series. We're just hoping for 
some really good Derek Morgan time. We're not getting 
many spoilers about Morgan, except for his love-life
with Savannah. Frankly, that's not enough. 

We want more heroic Morgan, like "Mayhem," and "Minimal 
 Loss." We want more heartfelt moments, like "Lauren," or  
"Our Longest Night." We want more.......Oh, let's face it. We 
simply want more SHEMAR MOORE. He portrays Morgan 
beautifully. He's a hero for today in a world that sorely needs 
more heroes, and we love him to pieces. 

When DM started in 2005, who would have guessed that it would 
have lasted 10, and possibly even more seasons? Long after our
Baby Boy, SHEMAR, moves on to other projects, we'll at least

have a stack of DVDs to enjoy our favorite FBI agent for
many years to come.   

One of our dedicated LovingMooreAndMore Moderators 
found this video on YouTube of SHEMAR doing an 
interview with CBS Podcaster, Dana Greenlee, before the
CM series premier. Our thanks to Ms. Greenlee for posting  
 it for us all to enjoy. Take a look back at 2005 SHEMAR. 

Season 10 Premier is October 1

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