Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ One of the Reasons We Love Him

There's a long list of reasons why SHEMAR MOORE's fans love him. One
of them is his wonderful sense of humor. He's not afraid to laugh at himself
and he's a good sport, even when a prank is played on him.

SHEMAR told the story of his green beard on "The Talk" earlier
this year when the cast appeared to promote "Criminal Minds."

Executive Producer Breen Frazier and SHEMAR told the story
again for the Season 9 DVDs. Thanks to Crimnatic for posting it
on YouTube. Enjoy the moment with our Baby Boy.

BTW, as an added bonus, we managed to make a screen cap showing
one of our Favorite SHEMAR MOORE body parts. We affectionately
call it "the little pinkie."

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