Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ SSA Derek Morgan & the BAU Returned Last Week

We are LOVING MOORE, that is Loving SHEMAR MOORE.
Therefore, it goes without saying that a huge reason why we
watch "Criminal Minds" is to see our guy in the role of
Agent Morgan. No amount of SHEMAR screen time is ever
enough for us. To use that overworked cliche again, we

The first episode of the season introduced newbie
Jennifer Love-Hewett to the cast, so it was understandable
that her Kate Callahan character was given the lion's share
of the episode. We may be obsessed fans, but we're not
unreasonable. We can be patient for our Morgan time.

We noticed something, however. One of the best scenes in
"X" was the plane scene at the end. Talking about their
on the job injuries, Kate and Derek had great chemistry
 They seemed like naturals together.

We saw that same chemistry in the recent CBS Video
of a table read where Shemar and Jennifer were together. 

We're thinking that Morgan and Callahan would be great partners
in the field. These two charismatic actors seem to be as natural 
together as Morgan and Prentiss were. Perhaps we could 
recapture the magic? 

How about it writers? 

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