Saturday, October 18, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Another Proud Moment

If you're a SHEMAR MOORE fan, you know there are many reasons to
be proud of our Baby Boy. From the volume of his work that has brought
us so much enjoyment, to some of his stellar personal qualities, 

SHEMAR has earned our affection and respect. 

Last Saturday, October 11, was one of those proud fan moments. SHEMAR
and a team of cyclists from CRIMINAL MINDS (pictured above) took to the
road to raise money for the National MS Society. Led by Team Captain, John
Hatchitt, he and 43 riders from CM, helped move us a step closer to
a world free of Multiple Sclerosis. A huge shoutout to the CM team
and to all the teams and riders who participated in Bike MS 2014.

SHEMAR talked about Bike MS, as well as CM, and 
Jennifer Love-Hewitt joining the cast on ET Wednesday.
Here is the video if you missed it.

If you're a SHEMAR MOORE fan, you can still donate to Bike MS 2014. 
C'mon. Make our Baby Boy proud of us. 

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