Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/31

Looking back at the days of Derek and 
Emily with a wistful sign and tears in our

With all of the CRIMINAL MINDS' 
Morgan/Garcia shippers, there was also a
legion of fans who loved  the idea of "Demily."  

Regardless of whether you wanted to see them hooked romantically or not, Paget 
Brewster and SHEMAR MOORE had great
chemistry together. We still miss her.

Encore episode tonight on CM ~ 
"Magnificent Light" The espisode has a
insightful Derek Morgan side story where he's coming to terms with his feelings about his father's murder.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE at CBS Press Tour Party 7/29

Not really feeling the love for the nerdy glasses look that is in style these days,
although some LOVING MOORE members think it's great. Not going to nit-pick too
much about it. It is awfully hard for SHEMAR MOORE to look bad in anything.

SHEMAR stealing a kiss from "Criminal Minds" co-star, A.J. Cook.
Is her husband around? 

Many more photos on our LOVING MOORE Message Board.

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/30

Between starring with Denzel Washington in
"Flight," and becoming SHEMAR MOORE's
leading lady in "The Bounce Back," Nadine 
Velazquez can currently be seen as DDA Emma Rios on the television crime drama "Major Crimes." 

The TNT series is quite a departure for Nadine from her last TV role. She played sexy motel maid, Catalina, on the hit NBC comedy, "My Name Is Earl" from 2005-09.

Now, like BB star SHEMAR on "Criminal 
Minds," she is crime fighter.

"The Bounce Back" is to begin filming next Spring and has a planned release date of
October 2014. Nadine has some steamy love scenes with perennial hottie, Denzel, in her last movie. 

We're anxious to see her with super hottie, SHEMAR MOORE, in "The Bounce Back." 

In addition to her film work, "Major Crimes," and "My Name is Earl," Nadine has also had featured roles on the series "Heart of Dixie" and "The League." 

"Major Crimes" airs on Saturdays.

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/30

Do you know who this is?

Of course, you do. This is a SHEMAR MOORE website.
It couldn't be anyone else. So the question is, which part is your
favorite? Pecs or abs? Abs or pecs? Both yummy.
It's so hard to decide.

Monday, July 29, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE'S Animated Movie Role ~ Coming Soon

With all of the buzz about SHEMAR MOORE's upcoming movie,
"The Bounce Back," and his appearance in Kirsten Vangsness' film
"Kill Me, Deadly" it's easy to forget that SHEMAR has yet another role
in the works. SHEMAR will be the voice for Cyborg, a character in
the new "Justice League: War" film scheduled for release this winter.

SHEMAR and the others associated with the movie talk about it here:


You have to sit thru an advertisement first.
SHEMAR comes in @ 6:58

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photos 7/29

SHEMAR MOORE keeping it "silly"
as he likes to say.

From the movie MOTIVES

SHEMAR keeping it very, very "sexy."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Vote for Best (Fake) Death Scene

Over at SpoilerTV, they have a poll going on. They are asking what was the saddest TV "fake death?"

Listed among scenes from "24,"
"House," "Sherlock," and "other," is CRIMINAL MINDS

~ Emily Prentiss's death scene.

Was there a more gut-wrenching 
moment on TV than watching Emily "die" on a cold cement floor after being impaled with a wooden stake by Ian Doyle? 

Did any CM fan watch Derek Morgan kneel beside her, take her hand and encourage her to live without shedding a tear. 

If you loved that scene as much as most of us at LOVING MOORE did, you need to go over to 
SpoilerTV and vote for Emily and Derek.  

Spoiler TV Saddest Death Poll

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/28

Do you recognize this legendary abdomen? 

How about now? During Friday's internet chat,
SHEMAR teased us and tried to gross us out with
pictures of his belly distended. 

He has often joked about how he'd be fat one day.
What do you think? Would you still love him with a gut? 

SHEMAR and a friend compare their "pudges".
Do you know which one is our boy? 

SHEMAR and long-time friend, Richie MacGreggor
showing it off. Who likes a man they can climb?

You can follow friend, Rich at ~ @richie_mac

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/28

We are so near to the funding goal for THE BOUNCE BACK. So near and yet
so far. The coordinators of the campaign have decided to keep it going for one
more week. We know we can reach and exceeded $500,000. Fantastic new perks are
being added this week for small and large investors.

Talk to your friends about why we want to get this done. For our SHEMAR, of course,
but to bring a lovely story to life. Remember how much we loved "The Notebook,"
"When Harry Met Sally," and even "Diary of a Mad Black Woman?"

SHEMAR's vision for "The Bounce Back" will make it a romance to remember
along with many of the most remembered romantic comedies.

Plus, starring SHEMAR MOORE, we will see him in a new capacity
after nearly a decade of crime fighting on CRIMINAL MINDS.
And this time, he won't be wearing an awful wig.

Be sure to stop by and make another pledge this week, and ask your
friends to do the same. When the movie comes out,  

we'll all be glad we were part of it.

Support The Bounce Back

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Chat Photos and Link 7/26/13

SHEMAR MOORE was stylishly late to his live chat to conclude "The Bounce Back" funding campaign. His arm appeared before he did, serving beer to his Obama bobble-head (that LOVING MOORE gave him for Christmas last year). SHEMAR friend, actor Keith Tizdell, looks on. 

SHEMAR kept it silly and sexy, and we were even
treated to a glimpse of the legendary abs. 

Erica, Bounce Back funding co-coordinator, monitored the chat and gave SHEMAR questions to answer from the fans. Some of the Bounce Back supporters were featured on video as well.

If you missed the chat it can still be viewed on Spreecast.

SHEMAR Interview 7/26 

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photos 7/26

Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid

There are so many good scenes between  Reid and Morgan
over the years. It's been fun seeing Morgan play the
protective big brother, and watching Reid come of age.

Fun moments between Matthew Gray Gubler
and SHEMAR MOORE, too.

CRIMINAL MINDS Season Nine Premier
September 25

Thursday, July 25, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photos 7/25

Retro Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan
So many cute moments to remember

We've had eight seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS to enjoy
them together. In his recent online chat, SHEMAR told us
he would leave the series after Season 10. We're hoping the writers
will bring us more quality Morgan/Garcia scenes in the next two years.

They've had some badly written scenes recently which was a huge
disappointment to many fans.

Fingers crossed for what's to come.
When the writer's get it right Pen and Derek are a delight.

Real life friends, Kirsten Vangsness and SHEMAR MOORE.

SHEMAR MOORE ~ You're Invited to a BOUNCE BACK Party 7/26

Celebrate with other SHEMAR MOORE fans.
Let's Party! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/24

photo by Samuel Whitworth
Ever noticed how pure and innocent our Baby Boy looks in white? 

Loving our SHEMAR all day, every day at LOVING MOORE.  

Congratulations to Dragonfly, a LM member from North Carolina who won our BOUNCE BACK drawing for a personal autograph from SHEMAR. 

CRIMINAL MINDS tonight, an encore showing of "The Good Earth."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ The Bounce Back ~ Featured Photo 7/23

Stars of "The Bounce Back" movie, SHEMAR MOORE and 
Nadine Velazquez. Film is to begin 
shooting in April 2014 with a release date expected that September. 

There are still a few days left to become a financial backer of the movie, with fantastic perks for 
becoming involved. 

Support The Bounce Back

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 7/23

From time to time we enjoy featuring a Favorite SHEMAR MOORE Body Part. Today we would like to focus on
 ~ The Back Tattoo~ 

SHEMAR's tatt says Carpe Diem, meaning "seize the day." Of course, some of us are
thinking we'd like to seize SHEMAR but that's because he tends to bring out the 
naughtiness in many of us. 

Incorporated into the back tatt are drawings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Barack Obama. The tatt is 
scrolled across SHEMAR's wide, muscular shoulders which were a joy to behold even when 
they were unadorned. 

At LOVING MOORE, we celebrate everything SHEMAR every day.

P.S. We also like his butt dimples.

Monday, July 22, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photo 7/22

SHEMAR MOORE and today's birthday girl, AJ Cook on set at
"Criminal Minds" last year. AJ is turning 35 today if you want to tweet
a birthday greeting. 

Even Mondays go better with a smile from

SHEMAR MOORE ~ LOVING MOORE's "The Bounce Back" Contest

There are only 6 days remaining in the BOUNCE BACK
funding campaign. There are still many wonderful perks to be
had for becoming involved. Incentives range from collectible merchandise
to the opportunity to meet and spend time the star of the film,
SHEMAR MOORE. Addionally, you are making a statement to
Hollywood as to what kinds of films we want to see.

Besides the perks offered on the BOUNCE BACK website,
LOVING MOORE has a little icing on the cake for one lucky
member. For every $2 you invest in the BB project, your name will be
entered in our drawing for a PERSONAL autograph from our
Baby Boy.

Can't you see it on your desk or dresser now? A photo of SHEMAR
signed "To ..(your name).., With Love, Shemar."

Please make your pledge now! New perks being announced today!
Support The Bounce Back

Then visit LOVING MOORE AND MORE Message Board to
learn how to be entered in our drawing.
Loving Moore and More Message Board

Sunday, July 21, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ A.J.Cook Turns 35 on July 22

Happy Birthday, A.J. Cook

Andrea Joy Cook, SHEMAR MOORE's lovely "Criminal Minds" co-star turns 35 on July 22. 

Your fans at LOVING MOORE send you
Best Wishes on your special day.

You can send her a personal greeting at

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photos 7/21

How well do you know your SHEMAR MOORE? 

Here we have three fine morsels of chocolate
man candy. Only one of them is our SHEMAR
The other two are also actors who have been

mistaken for SHEMAR at one time or other.

Do you know these SHEMAR MOORE look-alikes?  And which one is the real SHEMAR?