Thursday, November 27, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Reasons to Be Thankful for SHEMAR

Happy Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday is a day that brings family and friends together to reflect 
upon and celebrate the blessings in our lives. With so much chaos and upsetment
 in the world, it might be harder than usual to feel grateful. Alas, things could always
 be worse, and for some people they are worse. As you gather with the people you 
hold dear, draw strength from them and remember that love can change the world. 

At Loving Moore, we always say that "we relate to the world as it revolves
around SHEMAR MOORE." He is our lovely fantasy, our mentor, and a
friend, even if we haven't met him yet. When we count our blessings
we count SHEMAR among them. Sound silly? Not when
you understand our reasons.

Reason #1 ~ SHEMAR'S smile. No matter how gloomy the day may be,
that infectious smile can brighten your mood and lifts your spirits.
You may even find yourself smiling back at your screen.

Reason #2 ~ SHEMAR'S positive attitude. We know he doesn't live a
charmed life. No one does, but SHEMAR faces life with
determination and the belief that obstacles can be overcome. He
encourages us to set our goals and strive for them just as he does. 

We are grateful for his inspiration.

 Reason #3 ~ We are grateful for SHEMAR'S Baby Girl clothing line. Baby Girl 
is designed to be comfortable and stylish for women of all ages and sizes. In his 
ads and with his fashions, SHEMAR promotes a positive self-image for all
women. He encourages us to look good. When you look good, you feel good.
When you feel good, you do better. 

Reason #4 ~ Thanks to SHEMAR for his volume of work. From
Malcolm to Morgan, SHEMAR has entertained us for twenty years.
The past ten years he's portrayed SSA Derek Morgan on
CRIMINAL MINDS. He's a hero to be respected: strong, loyal,
moral and compassionate. Oh, for every girl to have a Derek
Morgan in her life! 

Reason #5 ~ Thanks to SHEMAR for his work on behalf of MS suffers.
His annual Bike MS Ride with Team CRIMINAL MINDS raises money
for Multiple Sclerosis research, as do the profits from the Baby Girl
clothing line. 

Reason #6 ~ We are grateful to SHEMAR for reaching out to his fans. He is
humble enough to realize that we helped him achieve success and he often
thanks us for our support. He shares pictures and bits and pieces of his
life with us like we're friends, and it allows us to feel close to him. When
he meets fans on the street, he takes time to pose for a photo or to chat.
There are so many stories on the web from people who've met
SHEMAR saying how nice he is. You've got to love a guy like that.

Reason #7 ~ Last but not least, we're thankful to SHEMAR for
taking care of himself and being a delectable piece of Man Candy.

SHEMAR talks about his black cracking but it hasn't happened yet.
When it does, for all beauty eventually fades, we'll still love him
because we've always seen so much more in our friend
than his looks.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Happy Birthday Joe Mantegna


All of his fans at LovingMooreAndMore
wish Joe a very happy birthday. 

You can send Joe a birthday tweet ~ 

Monday, November 10, 2014


CRIMINAL MINDS is never going to win an Emmy. No matter how
well-written, produced or acted, it's simply not going to happen. The
Emmy Awards have been hijacked by elitist Academy voters who only
seem to see quality in cable programing. They mostly ignore regular
television, no matter how good a network program may be. 

SHEMAR MOORE will never win an Emmy for his decade of
work on CM. Despite his adept and sometimes brilliant portrayal of
Derek Morgan, the tough FBI Agent with a tender heart, the
Television Academy will never give him a nod.

Fans who have watched CRIMINAL MINDS through the
years, know how good CM is and we appreciate SHEMAR.

We have the opportunity to give the series and SHEMAR
the recognition they deserve. We can honor them with
PEOPLES CHOICE AWARDS. Besides, isn't the voice of
the viewers more important than any stuffy Academy?!/home/all/79/2

Vote for Favorite TV Crime Drama!/home/all/35/2