Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Model Matthew Gray Gubler

New York Magazine
has compiled a slideshow of Fall 2011 Fashion Ads.

CRIMINAL MINDS very own, Dr. Spencer Reid,
Matthew Gray Gubler is looking super good in ALDO.

What fun it would be if we could get CM star,
SHEMAR MOORE, to model
a few swim suits and underwear,
for old time's sake!

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CRIMINAL MINDS ~ First Promo Video ~ "It Takes a Village"

Monday, August 29, 2011

Matthew Gray Gubler ~ The New "Ghostbuster?"

~ Original Ghostbusters ~
Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis

Dan Aykroyd says a new "Ghostbusters" will begin production Spring 2012, but the team won't be getting right back to business. This film will be about the team handing down the equipment and the franchise to new blood. Plenty of young actors are in talks and Aykroyd has someone in mind. He had this to say.

"I like this guy Matthew Gray Gubler? from the 'Criminal Minds' show. But it's going to be a casting, we're going to see everyone who wants to do it," he said. "We need three guys and a young woman."

Could our Dr. Spencer Reid be a new "Ghostbuster?"

Dan talked to Dennis Miller about him recently on his radio program.
You can hear the audio clip.

audio ~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Shemar practing for Tough Mudder

Team ~ Stray Dogs
(Shemar Moore bottom row 2nd from left,
Simon Mirren directly behind Shemar)

CRIMINAL MINDS star, SHEMAR MOORE, teams up with former CM Executive Producer, Simon Mirren, for the NorCal Tough Mudder on September 17 and 18.

Tough Mudder challenges participants physically and mentally in a variety of military style events.

The goal is to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.

For more information ~

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Fan Video ~ Derek Copes With Losing Emily

A sensitive fan video set to "Broken" deals with Derek Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) losing Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) on CRIMINAL MINDS

Meredith Monroe ~ Haley From CRIMINAL MINDS

Meredith Monroe, who had a recurrent role as Haley Hotchner on CRIMINAL MINDS, until her untimely demise in episode "100," will be making a guest appearance on HAWAII FIVE-O this fall.

According to CBS, she will portray a woman who leaves her husband with "the assistance" of a volleyball coach. She will soon find out that the money she took from her ex didn't belong to him when she is kidnapped by the dangerous rightful owner.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


For the second time in as many months, "Criminal Minds" star, SHEMAR MOORE, has let his fans know that he does not have a FaceBook account, and does not Tweet. Responding to the endless questions sent to the CM cast and crew that does "tweet," SHEMAR sent this message to his fans on August 19, 2011.

"I don't Twitter or Facebook, yet.

But to all the imposters,

To all my fans, I got nothing but love for you!!!!!"

Oh, SHEMAR! We will so let you be you. Of course, now that you have given fans hope by saying "yet," your "Criminal Minds" friends are going to be deluged with questions about "when" are you going to join FaceBook and Twitter. Unfortunately, SHEMAR, you can't win.

Message Board

CRIMINAL MINDS On Location ~ August 19

SHEMAR MOORE and crew on location
Thomas Gibson (above) and Matthew Gray Gubler (below)

CRIMINAL MINDS was filming on location in Tujunga Village in Studio City, CA on August 19, 2011. There are more photos of the cast and crew at the Studio City Patch.

It has already been reported that CRIMINAL MINDS will be filming in Pasadena next week on and around the Holly Street Bridge, according to the Pasadena Star News. They have just started filming episode five of the new season, "The Children's Hour."

Season 7 Premier date is September 21.
Thirty-one days and counting.

Loving More and More Message Board ~

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Interview with Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas GIbson

Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson were in Monte Carlo earlier this summer to represent CRIMINAL MINDS at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

While they were there they gave a number of interviews.

In this interview with GRAZIA.IT, they called co-star, SHEMAR MOORE, who was vacationing in South Beach at the time.

Click here to listen to the audio ~

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Interview with Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson

Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson
pictured as Agents Rossi and Hotchner.

CRIMINAL MINDS stars, Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson, recently sat down with SKY to talk about Season 7 of the series.

Premier date is September 21.

Click here to view the interview ~

Friday, August 19, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Interesting Spoiler for Season Premier

Nicholas Brendon as Kevin Lynch

CRIMINAL MINDS Executive Producer, Erica Messer, has said we would be seeing Timothy V. Murphy (Ian Doyle) this season, but he is not listed in the Guest Cast for the Season Premier, "It Takes A Village." Doyle's young son, Declan, whom Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) risked her life for, does appear in the first episode. This would have us believe that the Ian Doyle story arc will continue into the season.

Also, in the Season Finale, Kevin Lynch (Nicholas Brendon) had asked his soul mate, Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), to run away and "buy a farm" with him. Nick does not appear in the first episode. How did that resolve?

Thirty-three more days until the CRIMINAL MINDS
Season 7 Premier.

Waiting is a killer!

You're invited to wait with us on the

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Cast Appearance ~ Update on Saturday

An update on the CRIMINAL MINDS cast appearance at The Laguna Beach Arts Festival on August 20. Not all of the cast will be appearing, but fans will have the opportunity to meet Joe Mantegna, SHEMAR MOORE, A.J. Cook, Paget Brewster, and Matthew Gray Gubler from 7 to 8 p.m.

Monday, August 15, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Star Joe Mantegna on Jimmy Kimmel Live

From CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Joe Mantegna, will be a guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday, August 17. Joe is currently starring SSA David Rossi on CM, which will air the Season 7 Premier on September 21. For the Kimmel show, check your local listings for time in your area.

Meet SHEMAR MOORE and the Cast of Criminal Minds

SHEMAR MOORE, and the cast of CRIMINAL MINDS, will make a special appearance at The Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. Fans will have the opportunity to meet the cast, and get photos and autographs. The event takes place on Saturday, August 20 from 7 to 8 p.m.

For more information ~

Oh, SHEMAR! How we'd love to be in California!

CRIMINAL MINDS cast includes Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, Thomas Gibson, Kirsten Vangsness, and our SHEMAR, who plays SSA Derek Morgan on the series.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Simon Mirren Returns to CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Briefly

Simon Mirren with CRIMINAL MINDS star
Matthew Gray Gubler
Mirren is working on new project

After working for several seasons as producer and writer on
CRIMINAL MINDS, Simon Mirren announced last spring that he was leaving at the end of Season Six to work on other projects.

Word is out that he and Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit) have teamed up for a crime drama pilot for CBS. Still unnamed, the story will focus on a genetic scientist who learns he has a psychopath gene, but uses it to help the FBI catch killers. Humm....

For a day, however, Mirren with be returning to CRIMINAL MINDS to ride with TEAM CRIMINAL MINDS and SHEMAR MOORE in the upcoming Bike MS Ride on October 1. Like SHEMAR, this will be the sixth year Mirren has participated.

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Matthew Gray Gubler Directing

Matthew Gray Gubler will again be directing an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS and he has announced that this season it will be Episode 19.

Gubler, who plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the series, has previously directed two episodes of the hit series, "Mosley Lane" and "Lauren."

He told Entertainment Weekly ~
"I kind of like to do them later in the season because I find that everybody has worked so hard at that point, that while we're kind of tired, we're operating on a more instinctual level as a crew. Later in the year, the pleasantries are gone and everyone just hits it and makes wonderful stuff together."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Star ~ Shemar Moore

If you are driving the streets of Los Angeles, you may spot "Criminal Minds" star, SHEMAR MOORE, who has been riding his bike to the studio. He is training for the upcoming Southern California Bike MS Ride on October 1. Riding with other members of Team Criminal Minds, SHEMAR will be making the 100 mile ride for the 6th straight year.

To sponsor SHEMAR in the event ~

Friday, August 5, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ A Rift Between Morgan and Hotch?

Aaron Hotchner and Derek Morgan in friendly times.
Will the secret Hotch kept from the team cause a problem
between them?


Entertainment Weekly was on the CRIMINAL MINDS set yesterday (August 4), talking with the cast, and showrunner, Erica Messer. Messer gave EW some insight about how the team was going to react to Prentiss' return from the dead.

“Because I’ve been with these guys from day one, we have a really good working relationship of the characters we’ve all created, so we had conversations,” she tells me. “I scripted it that everyone was going to have a huge reaction to her returning, but I’m not about to say, ‘Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) does this,’ ‘Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) does that.’ I only gave them words. Garcia says, ‘She’s alive.’ And Reid says, ‘But we buried her,’ because Garcia is very emotional and Reid is very logical.”

Messer said Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) will also struggle with the fact that he believes Hotch (Thomas Gibson) betrayed the team by telling them she was dead. And subsequently, Hotch “had to keep this secret from the team while they were pouring their hearts out. He’s burdened with that,” she says. “It’s a complicated tale. When secrets are kept, it’s natural to be complicated.”

It is not surprising that Morgan would be deeply affected. He and Prentiss (Paget Brewster) were most often paired off in the field, and he was with her when she lay dying. Will this cause between Morgan and Hotch? Many of us on the LOVING MOORE AND MORE Message Board felt that Morgan should have been privy to the truth because of their close relationship.

Unfortunately we have to wait forty-seven days to how the drama plays out. Season 7 premier is Wednesday, September 21.

Loving Moore and More Message Board

Thursday, August 4, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS Star Matthew Gray Gubler in BULLET Magazine

CRIMINAL MINDS star, Matthew Gray Gubler, appears in the current BULLET Magazine which includes some smoldering photos of the sexy young actor. Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the hit CBS series now filming Season Seven.

More at ~

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Isabella Hofmann to Guest Star

Isabella Hofmann has landed a two episode story arc on CRIMINAL MINDS as Agent David Rossi's (Joe Mantegna) ex-wife. "She's the love of his life," according to showrunner, Erica Messer. The actress will make her first appearance in episode 7.5. Hofmann was one of the stars of "Jag" 2002-04 and has had guest appearances on numerous other TV programs, including "NCIS," and "Grey's Anatomy."


Max Martini, best known for his role as Mack Gerhardt on the CBS series, "The Unit," from 2006-09, is guest starring on an upcoming episode of CRIMINAL MINDS set to air in October. Martini has also appeared recently in "Castle," "Lie to Me" and "Rizzoli and Isles."

Learn more about the sexy actor at his official website

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ More From CBS Party ~ Thomas Gibson

In addition to co-stars, Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Paget Brewster and Kirsten Vangsness (shown in an earlier post), CRIMINAL MINDS star Thomas Gibson was out for last night's 2011 CBS Press Tour Stars Party in LA.

Gibson, who recently signed a new deal to stay on the series after some controversy, will be portraying Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner for a Seventh Season on the hit CBS program.

Sadly, LOVING MOORE favorite (We're called "LOVING MOORE" for a reason) SHEMAR MOORE and Matthew Gray Gubler apparently did not attend.

We were hoping for new photos of all of our beloved profilers.

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Shemar Moore Training for MS Bike Ride

Paparazzi caught "Criminal Minds" star, SHEMAR MOORE, out cycling recently.

The actor, who portrays Agent Derek Morgan, is training to ride in the upcoming Southern California BIKE MS on October 1, 2011.

Dedicated to the cause of raising money and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, SHEMAR will be participating for the sixth straight year, riding 100 miles with
a team of cyclists from CRIMINAL MINDS.

For more SHEMAR photos visit our Message Board @

For more information on the Bike Ride or to sponsor SHEMAR, visit ~ http://tinyurl.com/437ubty

CRIMINAL MINDS Cast at CBS Party ~ Aug. 3

CRIMINAL MINDS stars Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Paget Brewster at the 2011 CBS Press Tour Stars Party on August 3, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ New Fan Video ~ BAU Heroes

One of our talented LOVING MOORE AND MORE members has created a new fan video paying tribute to our CRIMINAL MINDS heroes.

Shout out to NIX for a job well done. Be sure to check out her other CRIMINAL MINDS videos on YouTube, many featuring Derek Morgan (SHEMAR MOORE) and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster)

CRIMINAL MINDS Star Matthew Gray Gubler Singing

CRIMINAL MINDS star Matthew Gray Gubler, pictured with actress, Rachel Nichols, formerly Agent Ashley Seaver on the series, on set last season. Matthew was recently recorded singing the theme song to "The Golden Girls."

CRIMINAL MINDS Star Joe Mantegna to Host Tournament

CRIMINAL MINDS star, Joe Mantegna, will be hosting ACT TODAY's (Autism Care and Treatment Today) 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic on Monday, September 12, 2011 presented by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

The Event will be held at the North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, California.

Joe, who plays FBI profiler, David Rossi, on CRIMINAL MINDS, is the father of an autistic daughter and has been a long-time activist raising funds and awareness of autism.

For more information on the event: