Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ LovingMoore's Promo Photos Season 11 Premier

These are the LovingMoore version of promo photos, made from the just out
Season 11 Promo Video. Lots of Derek Morgan Is this a Morgan episode?

Can we hope? We were cheated in so many episodes last season with 
stories where Agent Morgan was barely in the episode. 
It's about time we SHEMAR MOORE fans have a reason 
to get excited. 

For the first time in the ten seasons Brian Appel has portrayed the occasional role of
Agent Anderson on "Criminal Minds" he is given first billing in the credits for
the Season 11 Premier. Could Agent Anderson be the unsub, or is he a victim?
Some think this spoiler photo looks like Anderson.

Actor/Producer Brian Appel

IMDB bio ~ Brian Appel

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Video From MS Dinner of Chanpions 2015

As every SHEMAR MOORE fans knows, he was honored on August 27 for his work
on behalf of MS sufferers. Some video of the event has now been posted on
YouTube. It is a must see for every SHEMAR fan and it is delightful to see
and hear from his lovely mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore. Also nice to see
SHEMAR's "Criminal Minds" co-star, Joe Mantegna, talk about his
affection for our Baby Boy as he presents the award to him.

Thanks to majorfilmevents for making this available.