Monday, March 30, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Huge Baby Girl Sale ~ Two Days Left!!!

Every girl enjoys looking good and judging by photos of the ladies SHEMAR MOORE has
selected for his BABY GIRLS of the DAY, we all look darn good when we wear
BABY GIRL fashions.

Is it because the clothes are so pretty? Or, is it because we feel pretty in the colorful,
sexy, and very stylish outfits? Maybe, too, we feel good wearing BABY GIRL
because we know our purchase went to help a worthy cause. BABY GIRL
profits are donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Anyway, Spring is here. Time for some new clothes.

Two more days left of a huge sale at

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Baby Girl Fashions

Not everyone has the body for booty shorts. It's a shame because
they are super cute. However, at SHOP.SHEMARMOORE.COM
there are attractive fashions designed to suit Baby Girls all sizes,   
shapes and age. SHEMAR created BABY GIRL clothing with  
every girl in mind. They're comfortable, attractive and modestly 
priced. Sizes range from XS to 3XXX. There's a great sale going
on right now. It's a good opportunity to get some new clothes for 
Spring and help a worthwhile cause. The profits from 
BABY GIRL are donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ LovingMoore Giving Love to SHEMAR

photo by Samuel Whitworth @FashionStudios

Last September, LovingMooreAndMore Message Board turned four
years old. What began with a little blog a few years earlier, has 
now expanded to several forums. Our fantastic group of Moderators
work to keep LovingMoore up-to-date on latest SHEMAR MOORE
news, photos, and topics. We strive to provide a positive place for 
SHEMAR fans, and LovingMoore stands in support of his many 
projects, career and personal. 

We invite you to visit our Message Board at 

Follow us on Twitter 

Join us on Facebook at

On our newest forum, Instagram, we try to post 
original or rarely seen SHEMAR photos. 

Welcome SHEMAR fans!

Monday, March 16, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Another Fun Look Back

In 2000, SHEMAR MOORE appeared on BET Live along with Denzel
Washington. This lost gem was recently posted on YouTube by
Daree Allen and was found by one of our astute LovingMoore
Moderators, Gibra71. Enjoy the moment with 29 year old SHEMAR.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paget Brewster Is Having a Birthday

She was our Emily Prentiss on "Criminal Minds" for seven seasons
and saddened legions of fans when she left but we still love her.

Wishing Paget Brewster a very Happy Birthday
from her fans at LovingMoore. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week Ending

As Multiple Sclerosis Awareness week comes to an end, we'd like to suggest
a fun way to help a worthy cause. All of the profits from SHEMAR MOORE's
Baby Girl clothing line are donated to MS Research.

Since Spring is only a couple of weeks away, you may be thinking of some
new items for  your wardrobe. By making a purchase from SHEMAR's
store, you can score some comfortable, trendy and sexy new clothes, besides
helping folks who suffer from MS. Even if you indulge a little and overspend,
there's no need to feel guilty since you're helping such a good cause.

More About Multiple Sclerosis ~

Stay Cool
People with MS are advised to stay cool whenever possible. Heat intolerance is a common condition and often causes an exacerbation of symptoms. You might experience a spike of symptoms from:

hot weather/sun exposure
hot baths or showers
overheating from exercise

Use fans and air conditioning, cool drinks, and icy compresses to keep cool. Wear layers of lightweight clothing that are easy to remove. It’s important to note that although you have a relapse that is heat-related, hot temperatures do not cause the disease to progress more quickly.

Vitamin D and MS
Research published in a 2012 issue of Neurology shows a link between vitamin D and MS. The nutrient can act as a protector against MS, and may lead to fewer relapses in people who already have the disease. Sunlight triggers the production of vitamin D in your body but can also lead to heat intolerance-induced relapses. Fortified milk, orange juice, and breakfast cereals can give you a healthy dose of vitamin D. Cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, tuna, and eggs are also natural food sources of vitamin D.

Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable disease that acts differently in each person. The irregularity of symptoms can be enough to make MS a scary diagnosis. Arming yourself with a solid support system of medical professionals, friends, and family can help you cope with this chronic illness. Appropriate treatment can minimize relapses and help you live each day to the fullest.

More information is available at 
Healthline ~ MS Facts

Matthew Gray Gubler Turning 35

Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid from "Criminal Minds" turns 35 on 
March 9. Hard to believe with his boyish good looks that he could be 
that old. Even our SHEMAR calls him "pretty boy," and indeed, he is a cutie. 

Best Wishes, Matthew, from your fans at

Thirty-five looks good on you. 
You can send Matt a birthday greeting on Twitter at 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ A Fun Look Back

We all know SHEMAR MOORE from his work in television and movies, and as
an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis Research, but did you know he was once a model?

The pretty boy leading the pack in this Gap fashion show is a twenty-three year old
SHEMAR. Take a look at this video Mike Bise posted recently on YouTube.

About Multiple Sclerosis ~ 
The Cognitive Side of MS
The damage done to the nerves by MS also affects your critical thinking and other cognitive skills. It’s not uncommon for people with multiple sclerosis to suffer from problems with memory and finding the right words to express themselves. Lack of concentration and attention is also common. Problem-solving skills and spatial relations can also be affected by the breakdown of myelin. Cognitive inadequacies can lead to frustration, depression, and anger.

A Silent Disease
MS is labeled as a “silent disease” or “invisible disability.” Many people with MS look no different from a healthy person because some of the symptoms, such as blurred vision, sensory problems, and chronic pain, are not visible. Someone with MS may need accommodations even though they don’t have mobility issues and seem “fine.” Multiple sclerosis is also called a silent disease because even during remission the disease still progresses. This is sometimes referred to as the “silent progression” of MS.

From Healthline ~ 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Raising Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

Shemar Moore and his mother (an MS sufferer) at Bike MS

SHEMAR MOORE is well-known for his acting roles, especially as Malcolm
Winters on "The Young and the Restless," and the sexy, sensitive man who
captured Kimberly Elise's heart in the film "Diary of a Mad Black Woman."
Most recently, he's portrayed SSA Derek Morgan on the long-running
CBS series, "Criminal Minds." 

Another important role for SHEMAR is advocate for Multiple
Sclerosis sufferers. He and others from "Criminal Minds" ride annually
in Southern California's Bike MS. Also, SHEMAR designs and markets
the very trendy Baby Girl fashion line, donating all of his profits to
Multiple Sclerosis Research.

LovingMooreAndMore supports SHEMAR in his career and in the
fine work he does on behalf of MS Sufferers.

More About MS ~ Did you know...?

Symptoms Vary
The list of possible MS symptoms is long. It includes numbness and tingling, vision problems, balance and mobility issues, and slurred speech. There is no such thing as a “typical” symptom of MS because each person experiences the disease differently. The same type of symptoms may come and go frequently, or you may regain a lost function (bladder control, for example) after a period of time. The unpredictable pattern of symptoms has to do with which nerves your immune system attacks at any given time.

Relapse and Remission

Most people who are seeking treatment for MS go through relapses and remissions. A relapse is when you experience a flare-up of symptoms. Relapses are also called “exacerbations.” Remission is a period in which you have no symptoms of the disease. A remission can last for weeks, months, or, in some cases, years. But remission does not mean you no longer have MS. Drug therapy (medication) can help put you into remission, but your immune system is still wired to attack myelin. Symptoms will likely return at some point.

Learn more at Healthline

MS Facts 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Standing With Shemar Against MS

It's not easy riding a bicycle 100 miles but SHEMAR MOORE and Team
Criminal Minds do it every year for Southern California Bike MS.
In October they ride to raise money and awareness of the
problem of Multiple Sclerosis.

Many MS sufferers have problems simply ambulating. Functioning
day by day can be as difficult as a hundred mile bike ride. MS is
debilitating and miserable, but not usually fatal.

From the Healthline website: 

'Multiple sclerosis is a chronic condition, because there is not yet a cure for the disease. It’s important to know that for the vast majority of people who have MS, the disease is not fatal. Most of the 2 million people worldwide with MS have a normal life expectancy. A rare few may have complications so severe that their life is shortened. MS symptoms can be managed and controlled with medications and lifestyle adjustments."

Learn more:
Multiple Sclerosis Information

Multiple Sclerosis has touched SHEMAR MOORE's life with his
beloved mother having suffered from the disease for 15 years.
Several LovingMooreAndMore members are afflicted. Nearly
everyone knows someone who struggles with this illness.

LM members stand with SHEMAR in his efforts to defeat MS. We
do it by sponsoring SHEMAR at Bike MS each Fall and by making
donations during the year. We also show our support in a fun
way, by purchasing Baby Girl fashions. All of the profits from BG
are donated to MS Research.

Shop now ~
Many items on sale.

Monday, March 2, 2015

SHEMAR MOORE ~ MS Awareness Week March 2-8

Why LovingMooreAndMore supports
Multiple Sclerosis Research

At LovingMooreAndMore we relate to the world as it revolves around
SHEMAR MOORE. We aren't shallow, or delusional, or star struck. It 
is only that the world is a difficult place these days, so we love the 
solace of occasionly escaping into our "Shemar Fantasy." 

We appreciate SHEMAR's volume of work, most recently as  
Derek Morgan on "Criminal Minds" and we're charmed by
playful personality in interviews, social media and in person. 

Seriously, doesn't the world seem brighter when this  man  smiles? 

LovingMoore supports SHEMAR MOORE in his career and in all   
matters close to his heart. Because Multiple Sclerosis has affected  
his family, finding a cure for this terrible disease is a cause that's   
very important to him. So important that he started the Baby Girl 
fashion line with all of the profits donated to MS Research. 

He participates in MS Events throughout the year to raise funds  
and awareness of the malady. One notable example is the 
Southern California Bike MS.

SHEMAR, and a team of riders from Criminal Minds cycle 
100 miles for the cause each Fall. Last year, SHEMAR raised 
over $33,000 through his sponsors. Baby Girl fashions added 
another $20,000. LovingMoore members have proudly
sponsored SHEMAR and  purchased Baby Girl items. 

You can help out with your purchase at

 or by making a donation directly to 

You never know when Multiple Sclerosis may strike
someone close to you. 


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease, which means it affects your nerves. A substance called myelin wraps around your nerves to protect them. MS is the breakdown of myelin as your body attacks itself. The word “sclerosis” refers to the scar tissue or lesions that appear as the myelin is damaged. The unprotected nerves can’t function as they would with normal, healthy myelin. The damaged nerves produce a wide range of symptoms that vary in severity.

Learn more here: