Monday, December 31, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos ~ January 1, 2013

SHEMAR posted this photo on
Facebook on New Year's Eve,
a delicious treat for us fans. 

No one is more handsome in a suit
than our SHEMAR.

Why is it that Daniel Craig is
James Bond? 

Taken on the night SHEMAR won his 
Emmy more than ten years ago, and
he hasn't changed a bit. 

New Year's Banner made by
SHEMAR fan from Hungary. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 12/31

Party like it's New Year's Eve...

Gif  by Nix1078.
New Year's Banner by Sabkay.

...because it is!!!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Best Derek Morgan Episodes 2012


A abused boy named "Angel" is found
wandering in the desert. When another boy
goes missing, the BAU investigates. 


The team investigates a series of
bank robberies, JJ and Will get married,
and Prentiss takes a new job in London. 

"The Company"

Morgan's sister spots their missing cousin, Cindy,
and the BAU travels to Chicago to investigate.

What did you think was the Best
Derek Morgan episode of 2012?

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/30

Love the elegance an earring adds
to a man when he's dressed up.
We're thinking, sexy! 

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/29


The simple elegance of
black and white.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Special Time for Derek Morgan Episode

Wednesday, December 26, CRIMINAL MINDS
will air at a special time, 8 p.m. ET
on CBS. The episode is an encore
showing of an awesome Derek Morgan
episode from Season Seven,
"The Company."

Our SHEMAR MOORE is, of course,
Derek Morgan. 

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/26

bottom photo by Samuel Whitworth

Wowing us with shirtlessness
for nearly 20 years.

Monday, December 24, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos ~ 12/25

Loving Moore member, CSNEFRANKZSUZSA.
created this beauty by combining SHEMAR's
shout out to LM with a photo of his
2012 Christmas tree. 

SHEMAR tweeted this photo recently
of his house decorations lighted at night.

SHEMAR's back yard decorated.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Morgan/Prentiss Video

Sweet video of two of our favorite people, and the
romance that never got to be between Derek Morgan
(SHEMAR MOORE) and Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster).

Thanks to MsNix1978
for another lovely moment.

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/24

Wallpaper created by CSNEFRANKZSUZSA, a
Loving Moore member from Budapest, Hungary.

Ho, ho, ho!
The only thing missing is 
Santa's hat.

Friday, December 21, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 12/22

There was another SHEMAR sighting on
December 20 at The Grove in
Los Angeles. Hoping for more if
he's out doing some last minute
Christmas shopping. 
One of our favorite SHEMAR photos ever!
 We keep it in our Naughty Photos Room
main board.

On the Bravo TV program, WWHL,
when SHEMAR and Aisha Tyler
appeared together last week,
Aisha talked about doing intimate
scenes in movies and on TV. She pointed
out that the man has a sock over his
private parts, and the woman has
tape over hers.

Knowing that kind of ruins the
moment. Doesn't it. :(

SHEMAR MOORE (Shirtless) Sighting

at Shamrock Social Club Tattoo Parlor

in West Hollywood
where many celebs, including our
SHEMAR have been inked.
He gave a little wave to the camera.

You can view the clip at
TMZ Video
(One Dimension Dissed...)

Many more photos on our

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 12/21

Today, by request, we feature a never before
celebrated but awesome
SHEMAR MOORE body part
~ The Knees ~

The knees can often be viewed
on the beach when SHEMAR makes his
annual pilgrimage to South Beach.

Here are the knees in Florida last summer.

Malcolm Winters era knees. 

SHEMAR gets a leg up in his barely-there
fit biking tights. 

While on location for "Criminal Minds,"
SHEMAR shows off Derek Morgan's knees.

This blog entry is dedicated to
Dimack, Shsor, and Shirlee
who requested this body part at our
"End of the World Party"
on Thursday.

If the Mayan calendar was wrong
and the world doesn't end on 12/21/12,
we will have a new entry tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 12/19

Don't ask. Just enjoy the buff chocolate Man Candy.
SHEMAR is the morsel on the left.

SHEMAR, our favorite Man Candy,
is like a luscious mocha lollipop
 just waiting to be licked.

CRIMINAL MINDS is a rerun tonight. 
"God Complex"
When a legless body is found in the New Mexico
desert, and a second unwilling amputee shows up
at the hospital, the BAU searches for this amateur 
surgeon before preys on his next reluctant 
victim. Also, Reid's phone calls to a mystery 
woman have the team intrigued. 

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Derek/Emily Beautiful Video

A sensitive video created by an Aussie CRIMINAL MINDS fan, 
Hayley Nicholson. She may not be a LOVING MOORE 
member but surely a kindred soul.  

Derek/Emily shippers, you're going to need a tissue 
before this one is over. 

Derek Morgan is, of course, our SHEMAR MOORE. 
And Emily Prentiss is Paget Brewster, who
 we still miss terribly. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE ~ What Do You Give a Man Who Has Everything for Christmas?

A Barack Obama Bobblehead!

SHEMAR tweeted this photo and an lovely
"Thank You" to LOVING MOORE
for our gift to him. We are
delighted that we could make him smile.

Merry Christmas, SHEMAR!

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 12/18

At LOVING MOORE we like to
showcase artwork by our
talented members. This
pretty creation is from EbonyEyes.

Interesting that the central photo is
one of SHEMAR in his underwear.
Good choice, Ebony!

Below is a compilation of Derek/Shemar
images by Sabkay, one of our members
from Germany. 

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Essence Magazine Sexiest Man 2012


Our SHEMAR has been named 

Sexiest Man of 2012 
by Essence Magazine

More SHEMAR MOORE photos on 
Essence website and at 

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 12/17

CBS has begun airing the holiday promo
which had our SHEMAR making reindeer
face. We thought it would be fun to see
again along with some other silly

Having a tongue long enough to touch
his nose is an attribute SHEMAR has
probably put to good use. 

A really strange  photo from SHEMAR's early
 days as a model. We're guessing that
this shot didn't get him very much work.

SHEMAR and his cousin, Tyranny Allen,
find something very funny.