Monday, September 30, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photos 9/30

How times have changed!

Remember when SHEMAR MOORE wasn't doing
social media? 

Today Baby Boy is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.
And we fans are loving it!!

"Criminal Minds" writer, Janine Barrois, SHEMAR MOORE, and
SHEMAR assistant, Nesta Garrick at last week's Twitter
session during the Season 9 Premier

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Thomas Gibson DVR Alert

DVR Alert! 

From CRIMINAL MINDS, Thomas Gibson, who 
portrays the overworked superagent SSA Aaron Hotchner, will be a guest on "The Talk" on 
Wednesday, October 2.

Check your local listings for times in your area.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/29

A CBS photo from the Season Premier Twitter Chat
SHEMAR did on Wednesday during "Criminal Minds"

Pretty hard not to look at our Baby Boy smiling and
not feel good. 

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Interview from Canada

When SHEMAR MOORE and A.J. Cook visited Canada to promote
"Criminal Minds" a few weeks ago, SHEMAR sat down with CTV News
to talk about the series going into the 9th season.

He also tells a cute story about being pursued by a fan outside of the studio.

The video seems to cut off before it is over, but what you can see is worth viewing.

SHEMAR in Canada

Friday, September 27, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/27

SHEMAR MOORE Shirtless Classics

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ CBS Video Interview With Joe Mantegna

CBS has posted a video of CRIMINAL MINDS star, Joe Mantegna.

On "Between Takes," Joe is interviewed by Jeff Schroeder about
CRIMINAL MINDS, his hobby of skeet shooting, and his
upcoming CM directorial debut with episode #13.

View the interview here:
Joe Mantegna Interview

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ AJ Cook on "The Marilyn Denis Show"

When SHEMAR MOORE and A.J. Cook were in Canada a few weeks ago for the
CTV Upfronts, Marilyn Denis spoke with them both. A.J.'s interview was shown on
Canadian TV on September 25. SHEMAR's interview will air next week.

To see A.J.'s interview click the link.

AJ Cook on Marilyn Denis Show

Thursday, September 26, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 9/26


SHEMAR takes his dog, Shug, to the set one day in
Season 7.

On set photo from filming Season 9 Premier.

How our Derek Morgan's look has changed over the years!
Buzz is, the goatee is about to disappear in a couple of episodes.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Featured Photo 9/25

You might think that this is
SHEMAR MOORE on his way to 
the Emmys or some other formal 
Hollywood event but you'd be

It is SSA Derek Morgan on his way to a dinner honoring his late father's partner on the Chicago police force. (Criminal (Minds episode "Magnificent Light.")

Morgan, however, looks every bit as chic in formal wear as his alter ego, SHEMAR. 

Seeing Derek Morgan in a tux is almost as pleasant as seeing him
shirtless. Unfortunately, those shirtless scenes are rare on

Once, we had to see our hero getting glass shards picked out
of his back to see him shirtless. Talk about mixing
pleasure with pain.

In the promo video of tonight's episode, we saw a tractor
-trailer bearing down on Agent Morgan and Agent Jeareau
and it looked like impact was imminent.
Nooooo! Don't hurt Derek.

The wait is finally over. 
CRIMINAL MINDS Season 9 Premier

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE ~ SHARP For Men ~ Best Dressed at the Emmys

The 65th Emmy Awards

 SHARP MAGAZINE praised the ensembles
of some of the Emmy's most elegant male stars, 
including our own SHEMAR MOORE.
He was named by SHARP as the man with the 
Best Look Overall.

SHEMAR credits his look to designer, John Varvatos.

To see who else made the Best Dressed List
visit their website.
Sharp For Men Emmys

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/24

SHEMAR MOORE returns tomorrow as Derek Morgan.
Season 9 Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Tweeting With SHEMAR and Jeanine

A reminder that our Baby Boy will be tweeting live during
torrow's Season 9 Premier of CRIMINAL MINDS.
Joining him will be CM writer, Jeanine Sheman Barrois. 

You can follow Jeanine at

SHEMAR MOORE ~ One of the Bright Spots at the Emmys

To his fans, SHEMAR MOORE is always a bright
spot. With an infectious smile that you can't help returning, even when you're only viewing his photo,
he can lift you out of the darkest of moods.

SHEMAR is encouraging with his seemingly boundless energy and his positive outlook on life. It's uplifting to
see him interviewed or to attend one of his live chats. 
He's always fun, personable, and more like your next
door neighbor who stopped by for a beer, rather than some Hollywood star.

We know he has ups and down in his life, as everyone
does. He's human. But, SHEMAR always seems to
be enjoying life. It's hard not to like a guy like that, or
even love him. 

Actually, we do. That is why we are called LOVING MOORE. 

The North Dallas Gazette published a fun little article about SHEMAR. We thought fans would enjoy it.  

Shemar Moore was one of the bright spots at the Emmys

Shemar Moore attended the Backstage Creations ‘Giving Suite’ on Saturday, Sept. 21 at the Nokia Theater. He was visiting the Couture by WETSTYLE display when he saw the deep soak tub and asked, “should I take off my shirt?” which he started to do. He also shared plans to use the Whitening Lightning pen in the limo Sunday night as he served as the CBS Social Correspondent.  

Moore was blown away by the Waltzing Matilda bags, ”Man this stuff is so fly.. I love it” and entertained by the Zoomer “I’m sold, I don’t think he’s bulldog proof” (referring to his dog at home), “Can he twerk it like Miley?”

Before leaving Moore signed a donation for The Emmy Foundation, received stays at the Hotel Jerome, Esperanza Resort and The Oaks at Ojai Spa. The swag bag he received included items  from NambĂ©, Sabra Dipping Co, Marchon, Bose, Samuelsohn, 808Canz, and Marchesa by Lennox .


Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photos 9/21

Derek Morgan and the BAU on the job.
Just 4 more days until the CRIMINAL MINDS
Season 9 Premier. 

It's been a long, long hiatus since our last new 
episode. The wait is nearly over. The series 
returns with "The Inspiration," written by 
Janine Sherman Barrois and directed by Glen

Guest starring Camryn Manheim, formerly of
"The Practice," "Ghost Whisperer," and more.
(bottom photo) 

SHEMAR MOORE and Janine Sherman Barrois
will be tweeting live during the premier.