Thursday, July 24, 2014

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Nicholas Brendon to Return

Happy to hear the tweet from Nicholas Brendon that he will be appearing in some 
episodes of "Criminal Minds" this season.
We enjoy his quirky portrayal of computer
whiz, Kevin Lynch, Penelope Garcia's
one time boyfriend. Some of us would like to
see them together again. They seemed to 
be soulmates. And after all, doesn't 
water seek it's own level? 

Nicholas Brendon and Kirsten Vangsness. Together again?
Geek to Geek
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SHEMAR MOORE ~ A Presenter at the Hoodies

Steve Harvey's 7th Annual Hoodie Awards

The 2014 Ford Neighborhood Awards will be held August 8 thru 12. 
You can get information about the four days of events from Steve's website

The presenters at the actual awards ceremony have been
announced and guess who's one of them?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE to Guest Star on "The Young and the Restless"

Who says you can't go home again?

Just in from TV/Line 
Shemar Moore Returns as Malcolm

MALCOLM WINTERS is going to do it. He'll be returning to Genoa City in
two episodes of "The Young and the Restless" scheduled to air on
September 10 and 11. SHEMAR MOORE will return to the role that
made him a star and earned him an Emmy.

SHEMAR began playing Malcolm in 1994. He left in 2002, but returned
briefly in 2004-2005 until he was cast as SSA Derek Morgan on
"Criminal Minds." We predict SHEMAR's appearance will
generate record ratings for the soap.

Below is the promo clip from the time Malcolm returned in 2004.

Super sexy!!!! We've found "the body."

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore Provide Voices

Matthew Gray Gubler has provided the voice for several
cartoons characterizations. He was Winsor in a Scooby-Doo movie,
Simon the Chipmunk in three films, and now he's The Riddler in a new
Batman adventure.  Entitled, "Batman: Assault on
Arkham," the movie will be released to DVD on August 12. 

Watch a clip of Matthew as The Riddler.

The release of Matt's film comes on the heels of the announcement
that his CRIMINAL MIND castmate, Shemar Moore, will reprise
the role of Cyborg in an upcoming Justice League adventure.

Is it imagination, or do Shemar and Matthew resemble their
cartoon characters? Hum? 


Happy Birthday, AJ Cook

AJ Cook, Jennifer Jareau on CRIMINAL
MINDS, turns 36 today, July 22. 

Fans at LovingMooreAndMore
send their best wishes. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ It Was A Great Summer!

It was a great summer!

Okay, summer isn't really over, at least not for most of us. It's only mid-July.
But if you're a CRIMINAL MINDS cast or crew member, you're back to work
and beginning to film Episode 2 of Season 10. Phew! Time flies! 

SHEMAR MOORE had a busy summer. For six exciting weeks, we fans
were treated to photos and video clips of the filming of "The Bounce Back,"
SHEMAR'S romantic comedy due for release in 2015. You could sense the 
excitement of all involved. They seemed to know they were creating
 something special, and we look forward to viewing the finished product. 

BB stars SHEMAR MOORE, Nadine Velazquez, Bill Bellamy

Besides being Executive Producer and star of the BB, SHEMAR 
devoted much of his summer to expanding his BABY GIRL clothing line. 
We will soon be able to purchase SFM footwear and other stylish new items. 
We can create a fantastic look while helping a worthy cause since the   
proceeds from Baby Girl are donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Just when we thought our Baby Boy was in danger of becoming
all work and no play, he turned up for a week in Miami. 

With homies, (actor/producer) Keith Tisdell (right) and Cuz Ty
(Tyranny Allen of Marketing Kings/center), SHEMAR and the
boys appeared to have an awesome time.

He was often photographed with fans or surrounded by a bevy of 

beautiful ladies. Added bonus, there were plenty of shirtless pics.

"Work hard, play harder." ~Shemar Moore

SSA Derek Morgan is back to work, filming the 24 episodes that comprise a season.
CRIMINAL MINDS had some cast changes over the summer with Jean Tripplehorn
leaving, and Jennifer Love-Hewitt joining the cast. But, let's be honest. If you're a
 hardcore SHEMAR fan like LovingMooreAndMore members, you watch the series
primarily to see Morgan.

We're hoping for some good Derek Morgan moments and at least a couple
of Morgan centric episodes this season. We asked the writers for years for
a romance for Morgan and finally, Savannah. We've also wanted a
Morgan undercover story ever since it was mentioned in Season 1
that he had done 18 months of deep cover. This is the time to be Tweeting
the writers and sending emails to CBS making your wishes know.


CBS can be contacted at ~
CBS Feedback

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Kirsten Vangsness!

Happy Birthday to the First Lady of Baby Girls,
Kirsten Vangness who is turing 42 today, July 7.

We love her for her quirky characterization of Penelope
Garcia on "Criminal Minds" and envy her flirtations
and friendship with Derek Morgan/SHEMAR MOORE.

The couple does have wonderful on-screen chemistry and
we're looking forward to seeing them in Season 10. 

Best Wishes Kirsten
from all of your fans and friends
at LovingMooreAndMore

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to Thomas Gibson of "Criminal Minds"

Happy Birthday!

"Criminal Minds" actor, Thomas Gibson, turns 52 today.
His fans at LovingMooreAndMore send him their
best wishes on his special day. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Work and Play in Miami

A little work and play in Miami this week for our Baby Boy before he
goes back to work on "Criminal Minds" on July 7.

Hoping some beach photos will coming soon. 

New Cast Member Added to CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Jennifer Love-Hewitt

After teasing us for a couple of days, TPTB at "Criminal Minds" have
announced the addition of Jennifer Love-Hewitt to the cast in
Season 10. She will play Agent Kate Callahan, a former undercover
agent who's excellent work landed her a job at the BAU. Her
character will be introduced during the Season Premier on
Wednesday, October 1.

The thirty-five year old actress already has a long acting resume.
She starred for five seasons on "Ghost Whisperer." She was also
the star of "The Client List" and several feature films.

She is pictured below with our own SHEMAR MOORE
at a CBS event several years ago. 

While many of us at LovingMooreAndMore were hoping
that Jeanne Tripplehorn's exit would mean more screen time
for the existing cast, we do like Jennifer and wish her
every success in her new role.