Sunday, August 30, 2009


Actress, Angela Bassett was the hostess of the PAGEANT OF THE MASTERS GALA BENEFIT held on Saturday, August 29, 2009 in Laguna Beach. Most of the cast of "Criminal Minds" attended, including SHEMAR MOORE. Pictures from the event are posted in the SHEMAR TALK section of SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE.

  • One of the season's best episodes of CRIMINAL MINDS will air on Wednesday, September 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. "Omnivore" is significant for a few reasons. Our usually stoic BAU leader, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) dislays a rarely seen side to his personality. There is a wonderful scene with Hotch and Agent Rossi (Joe Mantegna) which shows the warmth that Joe has brought to the role of senior profiler, a characteristic that was sorely missing when Mandy Patinkin had the part. Also, after a three season wait, we get to see Derek Morgan/SHEMAR shirtless. C. Thomas Howell guest stars.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shemar Moore News

SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE has a new contest starting on Monday, August 24. One lucky member will win a set of Season 4 DVDS. Contest details are posted in the SHEMAR TALK section of the Paradise Message Board.

Season 4 is due out on DVD on September 8.

  • Shemar was spotted by the paparazzi on Thursday night coming out of a local LA restaurant after having dinner with friends. He was walking with a cane. As most fans know, Shemar was injured in a cycling accident on August 1 and suffered a broken leg. Our handsome Shemar looked a little pale and wan, compared to the Shemar we are used seeing. Sending love out to you Shemar, for a quick and complete recovery. Looking forward to seeing that magnetic smile of yours again soon. You can see the photos at: Take note that there are many haters on the site whose comments attack Shemar for not looking as good as usual. It is hard to believe how hateful some people can be, and how lacking in compassion for what Shemar has been though in the past few weeks.

  • TWEET! Did you know that Shemar Moore has a twitter account? He "tweeted" a very nice thank you this week to his fans, friends and family for the their love and support since his accident. There are many fake Shemar accounts on the web, but this one is the real deal. The address is You might want to check out the smokin' photo on his home page of shirtless Shemar in a pair of boxer briefs.
  • A&E Entertainment is showing blocks of CRIMINAL MINDS. Episodes are shown with limited commercial interruption.You can view the schedule at

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shemar This Week

SHEMAR MOORE fans were happy to know that SSA Derek Morgan is back on the job. Shemar "tweeted" that he had returned to work earlier this week. CRIMINAL MINDS is currently putting the finishing touches on Episode 3 of the new season, which has the BAU Team traveling to Long Island, NY. No plot synopsis has been posted yet.

  • Now that we're down to 37 days until the CM Season 5 Premier, spoilers and photos are coming out fast. CBS, TV Guide, and CM Executive Producer Ed Bernero, have given us this information about the new season...TWO guns are fired in the ominous opening scene, that picks up where "To Hell...And Back" left off. Hotch will be missing, but he is alive and well in the next episode. Word is, too, that one of the BAU Team will get shot in the first episode. Many of us are guessing that it is Spencer Reid, since the writers have to explain why Matthew Gray Gubler is on crutches. Shemar's injury, according to Bernero, is not being written into the script. All of the lastest spoilers are posted in the CRIMINAL MINDS section of

    • AETV is having another CRIMINAL MINDS MARATHON on Friday, August 21, beginning at 7:00 P.M. "Lo-Fi," "Broken Mirror" "LSDK," "The Fox," and "Natural Born Killer," will be shown with limited commercial interruption. The rotation begins again at midnight. Although I liked Mandy Patinkin in the role of Gideon, seeing the episodes with him reminds me of how much more I like Joe Mantegna. As David Rossi, IMHO, he brings more warmth to the role of senior profiler. Ya think? It is fun to watch the old episodes to see how the series has evolved.

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        Sunday, August 9, 2009

        A Week of Lows and Highs~Shemar Moore News

        • The bad news started on Saturday, August 1, when we broke the story on the SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE Message Board that Shemar had been struck by a car. He was injured while cycling with his girlfriend near his LA home. We waited anxiously for a report on his condition, Then, good news! Shemar had suffered a broken leg, some scrapes and bruises, but would be fine. There was more good news on Monday, August 3, when we learned that Shemar was in a walking cast (a boot) and would be able to return to work on CRIMINAL MINDS in about a week. CRIMINAL MINDS Executive Producer, Ed Bernero, said they would not even have to write Shemar's injury into the script. It is not yet known if Shemar will be able to participate in the annual SOUTHRN CALIFORNIA BIKE MS ride scheduled for October 3, an event he has been in for the past three years.

        • More bad news! It was announced that actor, D.B. Sweeney was being added to the CRIMINAL MINDS cast for a six week stint. Nothing against Mr. Sweeney, but we want more of our Derek Morgan/Shemar, not less. Add more actors and the screen time is divided more ways. We don't need anyone added to the cast of our favorite series. Most fans clamor for more Shemar, and more of the regular cast members. It was upsetting to hear speculation that Sweeney could even become a permanent member of the cast.

        • Good news if you have nothing to do on a Friday night. On August 15, AETV will have a CRIMINAL MINDS MARATHON beginning at 7:00 p.m. EDT/PDT. They will be showing TABULA RASA from Season 3, worth seeing especially to see Shemar's spray on hair, and the death defying leap Morgan does from building to building while pursing a suspect. Morgan and Garcia meet for the first time in a cute moment, too. Four episodes from Season 1 will be shown, EXTREME AGGRESSOR, COMPULSION, WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN, and PLAIN SIGHT will follow. If you have a life and go out on Friday, the episodes will repeat beginning at midnight.

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        Monday, August 3, 2009

        Shemar Injured In Accident

        A source reported to our sister site, SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE, on Satuday night that Shemar had been injured in an accident. One of the most difficult things about working on a site like this, or PARADISE, is being a responsible reporter. Although we did post the story on the PARADISE MESSAGE BOARD for our members, we did not put the story on the web out of respect for Shemar's privacy.

        We can now confirm that Shemar was hit by a car while cycling about 8:00 p.m. on Saturday in an accident a half a mile from his house. He suffered a broken leg and multiple bruises and contusions. He is recovering at home. Updates about will be reported on the SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE Message Board as they come in.

        No word yet on how the filming of CRIMINAL MINDS will be affected by Shemar's injury.

        Everyone at LOVING MOORE, and SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE wish Shemar a speedy recovery.

        Saturday, August 1, 2009

        Shemar Weekly News

        • A reminder to set your DVR's on Monday, August 3 for Shemar Moore's appearance on "The Ellen De Generes Show." Although it is a rerun, it is a cute interview worth seeing again. Shemar talks about having a "little crush" on Jennifer Aniston. In a second segment, Ellen tosses a softball, dumping Shemar into a dunk tank. Hardcore fans were amused to see him wearing his "Protect your *elf from Hollywood" shirt, pictured in the top photo. Frayed and faded from years of wearing, it seems to be a favorite. Luv ya, Shemar. You can be such a creature of habit.

        • In a press release from the Chicago Urban League, Shemar was listed as one of the celebrities attending the League's Conference being held from July 29-August 1. We don't know if Shemar went to Chicago, but if he attended Thursday's Red Carpet Opening, we can hope for some photos to show up on the web. Shemar is stunning in a tux, as evidenced by the second photo, taken at the Monte Carlo Film Festival a couple of summers ago.

        • With fifty-two days to the Season Premier of "Criminal Minds," a new casting call went out for Episode 3, which will be set in Long Island, NY. No title for the episode or guest stars have been named yet.

        • Pictured at Rashaan Bahati's Bike MS on July 19 with a Mohawk and beard, we can report that TV's Derek Morgan is clean shaven and nearly bald again. In a recent Shemar sighting last weekend, the old look was back. For his summer hiatus, it was nice seeing pictures of Shemar with hair again. Most men approaching forty would be delighted to still have a full head of hair, like Shemar's.

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