Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shemar This Week

SHEMAR MOORE fans were happy to know that SSA Derek Morgan is back on the job. Shemar "tweeted" that he had returned to work earlier this week. CRIMINAL MINDS is currently putting the finishing touches on Episode 3 of the new season, which has the BAU Team traveling to Long Island, NY. No plot synopsis has been posted yet.

  • Now that we're down to 37 days until the CM Season 5 Premier, spoilers and photos are coming out fast. CBS, TV Guide, and CM Executive Producer Ed Bernero, have given us this information about the new season...TWO guns are fired in the ominous opening scene, that picks up where "To Hell...And Back" left off. Hotch will be missing, but he is alive and well in the next episode. Word is, too, that one of the BAU Team will get shot in the first episode. Many of us are guessing that it is Spencer Reid, since the writers have to explain why Matthew Gray Gubler is on crutches. Shemar's injury, according to Bernero, is not being written into the script. All of the lastest spoilers are posted in the CRIMINAL MINDS section of

    • AETV is having another CRIMINAL MINDS MARATHON on Friday, August 21, beginning at 7:00 P.M. "Lo-Fi," "Broken Mirror" "LSDK," "The Fox," and "Natural Born Killer," will be shown with limited commercial interruption. The rotation begins again at midnight. Although I liked Mandy Patinkin in the role of Gideon, seeing the episodes with him reminds me of how much more I like Joe Mantegna. As David Rossi, IMHO, he brings more warmth to the role of senior profiler. Ya think? It is fun to watch the old episodes to see how the series has evolved.

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