Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shemar Weekly News

  • A reminder to set your DVR's on Monday, August 3 for Shemar Moore's appearance on "The Ellen De Generes Show." Although it is a rerun, it is a cute interview worth seeing again. Shemar talks about having a "little crush" on Jennifer Aniston. In a second segment, Ellen tosses a softball, dumping Shemar into a dunk tank. Hardcore fans were amused to see him wearing his "Protect your *elf from Hollywood" shirt, pictured in the top photo. Frayed and faded from years of wearing, it seems to be a favorite. Luv ya, Shemar. You can be such a creature of habit.

  • In a press release from the Chicago Urban League, Shemar was listed as one of the celebrities attending the League's Conference being held from July 29-August 1. We don't know if Shemar went to Chicago, but if he attended Thursday's Red Carpet Opening, we can hope for some photos to show up on the web. Shemar is stunning in a tux, as evidenced by the second photo, taken at the Monte Carlo Film Festival a couple of summers ago.

  • With fifty-two days to the Season Premier of "Criminal Minds," a new casting call went out for Episode 3, which will be set in Long Island, NY. No title for the episode or guest stars have been named yet.

  • Pictured at Rashaan Bahati's Bike MS on July 19 with a Mohawk and beard, we can report that TV's Derek Morgan is clean shaven and nearly bald again. In a recent Shemar sighting last weekend, the old look was back. For his summer hiatus, it was nice seeing pictures of Shemar with hair again. Most men approaching forty would be delighted to still have a full head of hair, like Shemar's.

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