Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Week of Lows and Highs~Shemar Moore News

  • The bad news started on Saturday, August 1, when we broke the story on the SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE Message Board that Shemar had been struck by a car. He was injured while cycling with his girlfriend near his LA home. We waited anxiously for a report on his condition, Then, good news! Shemar had suffered a broken leg, some scrapes and bruises, but would be fine. There was more good news on Monday, August 3, when we learned that Shemar was in a walking cast (a boot) and would be able to return to work on CRIMINAL MINDS in about a week. CRIMINAL MINDS Executive Producer, Ed Bernero, said they would not even have to write Shemar's injury into the script. It is not yet known if Shemar will be able to participate in the annual SOUTHRN CALIFORNIA BIKE MS ride scheduled for October 3, an event he has been in for the past three years.

  • More bad news! It was announced that actor, D.B. Sweeney was being added to the CRIMINAL MINDS cast for a six week stint. Nothing against Mr. Sweeney, but we want more of our Derek Morgan/Shemar, not less. Add more actors and the screen time is divided more ways. We don't need anyone added to the cast of our favorite series. Most fans clamor for more Shemar, and more of the regular cast members. It was upsetting to hear speculation that Sweeney could even become a permanent member of the cast.

  • Good news if you have nothing to do on a Friday night. On August 15, AETV will have a CRIMINAL MINDS MARATHON beginning at 7:00 p.m. EDT/PDT. They will be showing TABULA RASA from Season 3, worth seeing especially to see Shemar's spray on hair, and the death defying leap Morgan does from building to building while pursing a suspect. Morgan and Garcia meet for the first time in a cute moment, too. Four episodes from Season 1 will be shown, EXTREME AGGRESSOR, COMPULSION, WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN, and PLAIN SIGHT will follow. If you have a life and go out on Friday, the episodes will repeat beginning at midnight.

  • All of the most up-to-date SHEMAR MOORE news, photos, and lively discussions of everything Shemar, are happening on the SHEMAR MOORE'S PARADISE Message Board. Here is the link:

  • Have a great week! ~Dee

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