Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A.J.Cook to Guest Star on CRIMINAL MINDS

Beautiful A.J.Cook, who was fired from CRIMINAL MINDS by CBS, is scheduled to return to the series for a guest appearance. Cook portrayed media liason, Jennifer Jareau on the program for five seasons. Her contract was not renewed for Season 6, and she was written out in the second episode of the new season.

Fans protested loudly about the loss of A.J., and also about the possible firing of Paget Brewster at the end of the current season. The fate of Paget and her character, Emily Prentiss, is still unknown, but buzz is that A.J. is coming back for Emily's funeral. Tell us it isn't so! Oh, Emily!

It was confirmed earlier today that Cook will be back on the MINDS set later this week.

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