Saturday, May 7, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ Joe Mantegna Talks About CM, India, & More

In a recent interview with The Times of India, Joe Mantegna talked about his role on CRIMINAL MINDS, visiting India, The National Memorial Day Concert he hosts, and more....

You have been doing " Criminal Minds" for years now. How much has the show helped you get an insight into the minds of lawbreakers?
Understanding the minds of criminals has been unavoidable. The best part is that I have visited the real behavioral analysis unit at the FBI in Virginia a couple of times now. The show has increased my perception about things and the world we are a part of. And this has further enabled me to meet the real people and do a research that has helped me become more aware in life.

David Rossi, the character you essay in the show, has been named after a real person...
Yes, this is true, when I saw David's trial (David was a policeman and the first witness who took a stand during the OJ Simpson murder trial), I was offended by it. I thought, he was the only man who conducted himself with great poise and intelligence despite being questioned for two days. There was something about him which I really liked. And I promised myself that one day I will name my character after him to show my support. And I made that choice. Later when David found out about it, he contacted me and I invited him to meet me on the sets, which he did and we became friends.

Read the entire interview with Joe here:

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