Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ The Good News & The Bad News


The good news ~ There is a new episode tonight (May 18). "Supply and Demand" airs at 9:oo p.m on CBS. It will mark the return of A.J. Cook to the MINDS cast.

The bad news ~ It is the Season 6 Finale. We begin a four month famine until the Season Opener in late September.

The good news ~ SHEMAR MOORE signed a new contract for the upcoming season and will continue his role as SSA Derek Morgan.

TEAM SHEMAR MOORE has been elated with his enhanced role and the fine work SHEMAR did this season. We adored the action scenes. (Dive into a canal and rescue me, Derek!) and the memorable scenes with Paget Brewster, especially in the last few episodes. We loved bad ass Morgan. (Take that, Billy Flynn!) We were touched by sensitive Derek who befriended little Ellie Speicer (that spooky looking kid from last season's finale) and by the Derek who suffered over the loss of Emily ("She was my friend, and she died right in front of me").

The bad news ~ Although Paget's comedy pilot for a series called "My Life as an Experiment" wasn't picked up, there has been no word on whether Paget Brewster will be returning to CRIMINAL MINDS.

The good news ~ CRIMINAL MINDS has just been officially renewed by CBS. It will retain the Wednesday, 9:00 p.m. time slot, and will be followed by CSI.

The bad news ~ Thomas Gibson has not signed on to return for Season 7. Though we think that the series could survive without him (Remember Mandy Patinkin?), we like his Aaron Hotchner character and would like him to continue.

The good news ~ CRIMINAL MINDS: SUSPECT BEHAVIOR has been cancelled.

The bad news ~ There isn't any. SUSPECT BEHAVIOR was the reason CBS decided to diddle with the original series. Hope TPTB at CBS learned something. If it works don't fix it. And, don't cheat us out of an episode of CRIMINAL MINDS to use it as a pilot to launch a new program. Anger over being cheated still remains in the hearts of some fans, and we boycotted the program. Okay, maybe we did sneak a look at a couple of the episodes, but it sucked by comparison to the mother ship. Forest Whitaker overacted dreadfully, and there was waaay too much of his Cooper character.

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