Sunday, May 8, 2011

Five Reasons To Love SHEMAR MOORE ~ Reason #5

There are many reasons why SHEMAR MOORE's fans adore him.
One of them is his devotion to his mother, Marilyn Wilson-Moore.

SHEMAR's father wasn't in his life, as his parents divorced when he was just a toddler. Marilyn raised her son alone, emphasizing the value of education, being a well-educated woman herself. She instilled in him a set of values which SHEMAR credits as being responsible for the man he is today. She taught him to believe in himself, and to be himself, when he struggled with his racial identity. Marilyn encouraged her boy to believe in dreams, which allowed him to achieve the success he has had in his career. SHEMAR currently stars on "Criminal Minds" which airs on Wednesdays on CBS.

Happy Mother's Day, Marilyn!


  1. I love a man who loves his mother. I myself am biracial and I know it hard to deal with but when you have a strong mother who can help you through it makes it a lot better. I commend you Mr. Moore for you a truly special.

  2. Of a truth, you can tell a lot about a man, by the way he treats his mother.

    To me, it mirrors the Love Christ has for the Church, Christ's Love went all the way beyond the grave and back.

    Shemar, continue to love your mom and may GOD bless you with someone that will love you like Christ loved the Church and Like you Love your Mother. You are a treasure for our community. You really do make us proud, thanks Mom for loaning him to us.

  3. I so want to meet Shemar...I am wondering if he has family in North Carolina. He and my brother look alot alike and my grandmother is a Moore...