Thursday, February 16, 2012

CRIMINAL MINDS ~ AJ Cook ~ "Pennsylvania Petite"

On CRIMINAL MINDS, JJ fights to save a young man
from harm.

Before CRIMINAL MINDS aired "Closing Time" on
February 15, A.J. Cook teased a "cool reveal" during
the episode. We were treated to a whole new side of her
character, when she had to fight a gun
wielding unsub.

The cool reveal was that JJ had learned her self-defense skills
from Derek Morgan, who'd been her trainer, even during
her time with the State Department.

In a rare warm moment, Derek calls her " the Pennsylvania Petite"
and tells JJ he never wants to get her pissed off at him.
He then tells her he's proud of her, and
she thanks him for being her hand to hand coach.

In seven seasons of CRIMINAL MINDS, it is hard to
recall a nicer scene between AJ Cook and

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