Friday, February 24, 2012

SHEMAR MOORE ~ Kirsten Vangsness Update on "Kill Me Deadly"

Kirsten Vangsness with SHEMAR MOORE who
portrays Piano Player Bill in "Kill Me Deadly"
currently in production.

SHEMAR MOORE fans have been waiting for the news on the
upcoming film "Kill Me Deadly." The film noir spoof stars
Kirsten Vangsness, and features cameo appearances
by SHEMAR and Joe Mantegna, her castmates from
"Criminal Minds."

In an interview with the LA Times,
Kirsten said the movie was about 14 filming days
from completion. The film, which she is
co-producing, needs about a million
dollars to finish, the actress told the Times.

She also talked about her love of live theater,
writing, and her current role in "Figure 8,"
a production of Theater of Note.

The play opens tonight (February 24)
and will be performed on
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through March 24.

For information, and to read the interview
with Kirsten Vangsness ~

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  1. I am so very impressed with Shemar and Joe for playing alongside Kirsten in this theatrical piece, even if the parts are small - not too hotsy totsy to do it...Great you for it. And Kirsten, you go girl!

    I think Shemar would make one hell of a Piano Man - "Play us a song, Mr. Piano Man".