Monday, February 13, 2012

More SHEMAR MOORE/Alex O'Loughlin ~ Tough Mudders

When he appeared as Vincent the serial killer (above)
on CRIMINAL MINDS, they played down
Alex O'Loughlin's good looks.

Fortunately, on his current CBS series,
"Hawaii Five-O"Alex is allowed to be his
smokin' hot self, and we are often treated
to gratuitous shirtless scenes.
Love it!

It was reported a few days ago,that the
athletic "Five-O" star would be joining other celebrity
athletes for the 2012 Tough Mudder Event at Lake Tahoe.

Alex at his best.

Tough Mudder and former writer/producer,
Simon Mirren, tweeted this photo today of his
teammate, SHEMAR MOORE at the 2011 Event.

How sick is it that our SHEMAR is even sexy when
he's struggling through a vat of muddy water?

Can Alex maintain his smoldering hotness
while muddy and wet? We'll find out in September.

TEAM STRAY DOGS 2011 from last year's
Tough Mudder event included SHEMAR,
Simon Merrin, Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy)
and MINDS writer, Rick Dunkle, and more.
Their participation helped to raise money
for the Wounded Warriors project.

To learn more about Tough Mudders
obstacle course,visit their homepage.

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