Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CRIMINAL MINDS This Week Directed by Matthew Gray Gubler

This week's new episode of CRIMINAL 
MINDS has Matthew Gray Gubler
behind the camera once again.

With his eye for the unusual and a love 
of the macabre, Matt has given us several 
exceptionally creepy episodes of the series, 
including "Mosley Lane" and "Heathridge 

Tomorrow's story is "Alchemy." It has
the team traveling to Rapid City to 
investigate the murders of two men killed
in ritualistic manner. 

Airs on Wednesday on CBS, but lucky 
Canadians will see it tonight.

Do you know CRIMINAL MINDS has 
not yet been renewed for next season? 
Please send your Emails and Tweets to 
CBS. As our SHEMAR has suggested
"make some noise" with TPTB.

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