Friday, April 12, 2013

Nicholas Brendon Is Having a Birthday!

Almost let April 12 get past us without a Birthday shout 
out to Nicholas Brendon, one of the CRIMINAL MINDS
family. Nick is also know for his work on "Buffy, the 
Vampire Slayer," and has recurrent roles on "Hollywood 
Heights" and "Private Practice." CM fans love him as 
Kevin Lynch, Penelope Garcia's on again/off again 
boyfriend. Right now, he and Penelope are on the outs. 
In fact, we don't even know the fate of CRIMINAL MINDS,
as we wait on word it has been renewed for Season 9.

Hoping to see more Kevin, and Nick, in the year ahead.
You can send him a personal greeting at 

Happy Birthday, Nick! 
From your fans at Loving Moore

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