Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SHEMAR MOORE Featured Photo 4/17

Both Derek Morgan of CRIMINAL MINDS,  and
SHEMAR MOORE, Derek's alter ego, seem go be
coffee aficionados. Betcha Derek likes his real strong.

Derek, with coffee, questions the priest in "Lucky."
The priest is Michael Beach. Don't be fooled by the
church garb. Underneath it there is a buff, toned
body not unlike Derek's. Michael appeared with
SHEMAR some years ago in "The Men of Alaye"
video, which showcased the hottest black men
in America (at that time).
Do you think SHEMAR likes serious coffee,
or one of those gooey, silly 

dessert coffees?
There was a girl in this photo with
SHEMAR, but we cropped her
out. Some Baby Girls
get upset when SHEMAR's 

with another female.

Not new but we'll get to see
Maeve get killed (again).

Poor Reid!

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